Imperial Russian Army

The Imperial Russian Army (Russian: Ру́сская импера́торская а́рмия, tr. Rússkaya imperátorskaya ármiya) was the land armed force of the Russian Empire, active from around 1721 to the Russian Revolution of 1917. In the early 1850s, the Russian Army consisted of more than 900,000 regular soldiers and nearly 250,000 irregulars (mostly Cossacks).

Imperial Russian Army
Русская императорская армия
Cockade of the Imperial Russian Army
Country Russia
Allegiance Tsar of Russia
Size12 – 15,000,000 during World War I
4,200,000 during the Russian Civil War
EngagementsGreat Northern War
Russo-Turkish Wars
Russo-Swedish Wars
Russo-Persian Wars
Russo-Polish Wars
Seven Years' War
Napoleonic Wars
Caucasian War
Crimean War
Russo-Japanese War
World War I
Russian Revolution
Commander-in-chiefRussian Emperor
Peter the Great
Boris Sheremetev
Alexander Menshikov
Pyotr Rumyantsev
Alexander Suvorov
Grigory Potemkin
Mikhail Kutuzov
Pyotr Bagration
Aleksey Yermolov
Mikhail Skobelev
Aleksei Brusilov

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