Import and Export (constituency)

The Import and Export functional constituency (Chinese: 進出口界功能界別) is a functional constituency in the elections for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong first created in 1995 as one of the nine new functional constituencies under the electoral reform carried out by the then Governor Chris Patten, in which the electorate consisted of total 113,241 eligible voters worked related to the import and export industry. It was abolished with the colonial Legislative Council dissolved after the transfer of the sovereignty in 1997.

Import and Export
Functional Constituency
for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Country Hong Kong
Electorate1,603 (2020)[1]
Current constituency
Number of membersOne
Member(s)Wong Ting-kwong (DAB)

The constituency was recreated for the 1998 Legislative Council election unless its electorate base has significantly narrowed from individual voting to some 1,000 electors are only limited to import and export companies who are members of the Hong Kong Chinese Importers' and Exporters' Association or are licensed to import and export dutiable commodities, motor vehicles and chemicals. In 2020, there were a total number of 1,603 electors, 984 corporates and 619 individuals in the constituency.[2]