Income tax threshold

The income tax threshold is the income level at which a person begins paying income taxes.[1] The income tax threshold equates to the:

  • Personal allowance in the UK, which is £12,500 for 2019/20.[2]
  • Basic allowance in Germany, which is €9,408 in 2020.[3]
  • Income tax threshold in France, which was €6,088 in 2012.
  • The standard deduction in the US, which was $12,000 in 2018 for a single person.
  • Basic personal amount in Canada, which was C$11,809 in 2018.[4]
  • Tax-free threshold in Australia, which was A$18,200 in 2012-13.[5][6]
  • Tax-free threshold in Greece, which was €9,545 in 2016.[7]
  • Tax-free threshold in Poland is 3091 PLN in 2018. Above 3091 PLN the tax-free becomes "tax-reduction" and decreases progressively [8]