Independence for Scotland Party

The Independence for Scotland Party (ISP) (Scottish Gaelic: Pàrtaidh Neo-eisimeileachd do dh'Alba) is a political party in Scotland which supports Scottish independence within the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).[1]

Independence For Scotland Party
LeaderColette Walker
Founded7 May 2020
Headquarters22 Monteith Gardens
G76 8NU
IdeologyScottish independence
Local government in Scotland
1 / 1,227


The party was founded in 2020. The party was registered by the Electoral Commission on 7 May 2020.[2]

On 8 January 2021, Roddy McCuish became the first elected representative of the ISP, when he joined the party while on Argyll and Bute Council, having been elected as an independent and then later moving to the party. He had been both a Scottish National Party representative and an independent.[3]

In November 2020, the party came under fire for quoting Kenny MacAskill's published view on constituency versus list voting.[4] MacAskill issued a statement saying that the advert was made without his consent.[3]

The party has announced an intention to stand fourteen list candidates in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, one in South Scotland and Glasgow and two in the remaining six regions.[5] In the same way as Action for Independence and the Alba Party, they intend to only contest regional list seats and encourage voting for other pro-independence parties in constituency seats.

Elected representative

Office Representative Constituency
Depute Provost
Roddy McCuish Argyll and Bute Council


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