Independent Alliance for Reform

The Independent Alliance for Reform, (Welsh: Y Gynghrair Annibynnol dros Ddiwygio), was a political group in the Senedd.[1] It was founded in October 2020,[2] and had three members.[3] The party was dissolved in 2021 when all three of its Senedd Members lost their seats in that year's election.

Independent Alliance for Reform

Y Gynghrair Annibynnol dros Ddiwygio
LeaderCaroline Jones
FoundersCaroline Jones
David Rowlands
Mandy Jones
Founded16 October 2020 (2020-10-16)
Dissolved7 May 2021 (2021-05-07)
Split fromBrexit Party
IdeologyNational conservatism
Hard euroscepticism
Political positionRight-wing
Colours  Magenta
5th Senedd
3 / 60
Facebook page


The following Members of the Senedd were part of the group:[4]

All were former members of UKIP and then of the Brexit Party. The group's leader was Caroline Jones, who was an independent, whilst David Rowlands and Mandy Jones were still members of Reform UK, formerly known as the Brexit Party.[3]

All three lost their seats at the 2021 Senedd election.


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