Eastern Orthodoxy in Montenegro

Eastern Orthodoxy in Montenegro refers to adherents, religious communities, institutions and organizations of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Montenegro. It is the largest Christian denomination in the country. According to the latest census of 2011, 446,858 citizens of Montenegro (72.07%) registered as Eastern Orthodox Christians. The majority of Eastern Orthodox people in Montenegro are adherents of the Serbian Orthodox Church. A minor percentage supports the noncanonical and unrecognized Montenegrin Orthodox Church, which has the status of a religious non-governmental organization (NGO) since its founding in 1993.[1][2][3]

Eastern Orthodox Christians in Montenegro (2011 census)

The current Metropolitan of Montenegro and primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro is Joanikije II, who serves as 51st head since the establishment of the diocese in 1219. The seat of the diocese is the Cetinje Monastery, since 1484.

Meanwhile, the current Metropolitan of Montenegro of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church is Mihailo, who serves as 2nd head, since its re-establishment in 1993.