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a posteriori ab extra ab initio Abandoned property Abandonment (legal) Abduction Abet Abeyance Abolitionism in the United States Abolitionism Abortion Abortion, legal and moral issues Abrogate Abstention doctrine Abstract Abstract of judgment Abstract of title Abuse of discretion Abuse of process Abut Acceleration clause Accept Acceptance Acceptance of service Accessory Accommodation Accomplice Accord and satisfaction Account stated Accountability Accounting period Accounting reference date Accounts payable Accounts receivable Accrue Accusation Accused Acknowledge Acknowledgement of service Acknowledgment Acquis Acquit Acquittal Act of God Act of Parliament Action Actionable Actual controversy Actual malice Actual notice actus reus ad colligenda bona ad hoc ad idem ad infinitum ad litem ad quod damnum ad seriatim ad valorem Addendum Adeem Ademption Adequate remedy Adhesion contract Adjourn Adjournment sine die Adjournment in contemplation of dismissal Adjudication Adjusted basis Adjuster Administer Administration administration order Administrative hearing Administrative law Administrative law judge Administrative Procedure Act (Japan) Administrative Procedure Act (United States) Administrator Administrator Admiralty actions Admiralty court Admiralty law Admissible evidence Admission against interest Admission of evidence Admission (law) Admission to bail Admission to the bar Adopt Adoption Adultery Advance directive Adversary system Adverse Adverse interest Adverse party Adverse possession Adverse witness Advisory opinion Advocate Affiant Affidavit Affirm Affirmative action Affirmative defense Affix Affreightment After-acquired property Age discrimination Age of consent Age of majority Agency Agency agreement Agent Agent for acceptance of service Aggravated assault Agreed statement Aid and abet Aleatory Alias Alibi Alien Alienation Alienation of affections Alimony All the estate I own Allegation Allege Allocation questionnaire Allocatur Allocution Allodial Alluvion Alodium alter ego Alternate director Alternative dispute resolution Alternative Minimum Tax Alternative pleading ALWD Citation Manual Ambiguity Ambulance chasing Amelioration Act 1798 Amended complaint Amended pleading American Academy of Appellate Lawyers American Arbitration Association American Bar Association American Civil Liberties Union American Civil Rights Movement American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man American Depositary Receipt American Law Institute amicus curiae Amnesty Amnesty International Amortization An eye for an eye Ancillary administration Ancillary jurisdiction Ancillary relief Animal rights Animal rights by country or territory Animal law Animal Law Review Animal Legal Defense Fund Animal trial Animal Welfare Act of 1966 animus nocendi Animus revertendi annual general meeting Annul Annulment Anomie Answer (law) Antecedent (law) Antenuptial (prenuptial) agreement Antejuramentum Anticipatory breach Antidisestablishmentarianism Antinomianism Antitrust Antitrust laws Apartheid Ape personhood Apparent authority Appeal Appeal bond Appeals court Appear Appellant Appellate court Appellate review Appellee Appraiser Appreciate Appreciation Apprenticeship  Approach the bench  Appurtenances  Appurtenant  Arbitrary  Arbitration Arbitration award Arbitrator arguendo Argumentative Arm's length Arraign Arraignment Arrears Arrest Arrest warrant Arson Article I and Article III tribunals Articles of Association Articles of impeachment Articles of Incorporation Articles of War As is Asharite Assault Asset Assignment (law) Assigned risk Assignee Assignment for benefit of creditors Assigns Assisted person Assize Court Associate justice Association Assumption of risk Asylum and Immigration Tribunal Asylum seeker At will At will employment Attachment Attachment of earnings Attempt Attestation clause Attorney at law (or attorney-at-law) Attorney general Attorney of record Attorney's advertising Attorney's fee Attorney's work product Attorney–client privilege Attorney-in-fact Attractive nuisance doctrine Audit Auditor Australian Constitution Australian Constitutional history Australian copyright law Authorised share capital Authoritarianism Authority Authorize Automatic stay Autrefois acquit Avulsion Ayatollah


B.C.L. Babylonian law Bachelor of Civil Law Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Legal Letters Back-to-back life sentences Bad debt Bad faith Bail Bail bond Bail bondsman Bail schedule Bailee Bailiff Bailment Bailor Bait and switch Balance due Balance sheet Ban Bank Bankrupt Bankruptcy Bankruptcy court Bankruptcy proceedings Bankruptcy remote Bar Bar association Bar council Bar examination Bare trust Bargain and sale deed Barratry (admiralty law) Barratry (common law) Barrister Basic Law of various jurisdictions Battery Beach bum trust provision Bearer paper Belief Bench Bench memorandum Bench trial Bench warrant Beneficial interest Beneficial use Beneficiary Beneficiary (trust) Benefit of counsel Bequeath Bequest Berne three-step test Best evidence rule Best Interests of the Child Bestiality Beyond a reasonable doubt BFP Bias Bifurcate Bifurcation Bigamy Bilateral contract Bill Bill of attainder Bill of costs Bill of exchange Bill of indictment Bill of lading Bill of particulars Bill of rights Bill of sale Bind over Bind over for sentence Binding arbitration Bioethics Black's Law Dictionary Blackmail Blank endorsement Blood libel Blue law Blue laws Blue ribbon jury Blue Sky Laws Bluebook Board of directors bona fide Bona fide purchaser bona vacantia Bond Bond for deed Booby trap Book account Book value Bootleg recording Border control Bottomry Boycott Breach of contract Breach of promise Breach of the peace Breach of warranty Breaking and entering Bribery Bride price Brief British constitution British constitutional law British nationality law Broker Brought to trial Building and loan Bulk sale Bulk sales acts Bulk transfer Burden Burden of proof Burgage Burglary Business Business ethics Business invitee But for rule Buy-sell agreement Bylaw Bylaws Bypass trust


Cadastral map cadit quaestio Calendar call Caliphate Call to the bar Calumny Campaign finance reform in the United States Canadian Bill of Rights Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Caning Cannabis: Legal issues Canon Canon law Cape (writ) capital Capital account Capital assets Capital expenditure Capital gain Capital gain tax Capital gains Capital investment Capital loss Capital offense Capital punishment Capital punishment in the United States Capital stock Capitalized value Capricious Carjacking Carnal knowledge Carrier Carrying for hire Cartel Case Case conference Case law Case law in the United States Case number Case of first impression Case-based reasoning Cashier's check Casualty insurance Casualty loss Casuistry Catechism Categorical Imperative Catholic Emancipation cause Cause of action caveat emptor  Cease and desist order Censorship Certificate of deposit Certificate of incorporation Certificate of legal aid costs Certificate of title Certified check certiorari Writ of Certiorari Cessate Cestui que trust Cestui que use ceteris paribus Chain of title Chairman Challenge for cause Champerty Chancellor Chancery Chancery division Change of venue Character witness Charge Charging lien Charging order Charitable contribution Charitable organization Charitable remainder trust Charitable trust Charter Chattel Chattel mortgage-- Checks and balances Cheque Chief Justice Chief Justice of Canada Chief Justice of the United States Child Child abandonment Child abuse Child custody Child endangerment Child neglect Child pornography Child sexual abuse Child support Chinese law Churning Circuit courts Circumcision Circumstantial evidence Citation Cite Citizen Citizen's dividend Citizenship Civil action Civil and social disobedience Civil calendar Civil code Civil Code of Quebec Civil commitment Civil death Civil disobedience Civil disorder Civil justice reforms civil law Civil law notary Civil liability Civil liberties Civil penalties Civil procedure Civil rights Civil union Claim against a governmental agency Claim against an estate Claim form Claim in bankruptcy Claimant Class Class action Class action suit Clean hands doctrine Cleanup clause Clear and convincing evidence Clear and present danger Clear title Clerk Close corporation Closed shop Closing Closing argument Cloud on title Co-trustee Code Code of Hammurabi Code of professional responsibility Codefendant Codex Codicil Codification Codify Coercion Cohabitation Cohabitation agreement Coinsurance Collateral Collateral attack Collateral descendant Collateral estoppel Collateral Warranty Collective agreement Collective bargaining agreement Collective rights Collective trade marks  Collusion Collusive action Color of law Color of title Comaker Comity Commencement of action Commentaries on the Laws of England Commercial frustration Commercial law Commingling Commission of rebellion - Commissioner of oaths Committal Commodity status of animals Common area Common carrier Common counts Common law Common property Common purpose Common stock Common-law marriage Commons Community patent Community property Commutation Company Company seal Comparative law Comparative negligence Comparative responsibility Compensatory damages Competence Complainant Complaint Complete contract Compound interest Compound question Compounding a felony Compounding treason Compromise Compromise verdict Concealed weapon Conciliation Conclusion of fact Conclusion of law Concubinage Concurrent sentence Concurrent sentences Concurrent writ Condemnation action Condition precedent Condition subsequent Conditional bequest Conditional discharge Conditional dismissal Conditional sale Condominium Conduct money Confession (law) Confession and avoidance Confession of judgment Confidence game Confidential communication Confidential information Confidentiality Confiscate Conflict of interest Conflict of law Conflict of laws Confucianism Confusingly similar Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Congressional-executive agreement Conscientious objector Conscious parallelism Conscription Consecutive sentence Consecutive sentences Counsul of Force Countries banning non-human ape experimentation Consensu Consensual crime Consensus Consensus ad idem Consensus decision-making Consent Consent decree Consent judgment Consequential damages Consequentialism Conservatee Conservative Judaism Conservator (law) Consideration Consign Consignee Consignment Consortium Conspiracy Conspirator Constable Constitution Constitution of the Confederate States Constitution of France Constitution of Spain Constitutional amendment Constitutional charter Constitutional Convention (Australia) Constitutional Convention (United States) Constitutional law Constitutional monarchy Constitutional rights Construction Constructive Constructive dismissal Constructive eviction Constructive fraud Constructive notice Constructive possession Constructive trust Construe Consuetudinary Consultancy Consultant Consumer protection Contact Contemplation of death Contempt of court Contingency Contingency fee Contingent beneficiary Contingent fee Contingent interest Contingent remainder Continuance Continuing objection Continuing trespass contra bonos mores contra legem Contraband Contract Contract (canon law) Contract of adhesion Contract of sale Contract theory Contractor Contramandatio placiti - Contributory negligence Controlled substance Controlling law Controversy Conversion Conveyancing Convict Conviction Cooperative Cooperative housing Cop a plea Copartner Copyhold Copyleft Copyright Copyright infringement Copyright law of the European Union Copyright misuse coram nobis coram non judice Coroner Corporate governance Corporate haven Corporate opportunity Corporate personhood Corporate state Corporation Corporations law corpus delicti corpus juris corpus juris civilis corpus juris secundum Correlative rights doctrine Corroborate Corroborating evidence Corroboration Cost bill Cotenancy Cotenant Council Tax Counsel Counsellor Count Counter offer Counterclaim Counterfeit County court Coup d'état Cour de cassation – Course of employment Court Court calendar Court costs Court docket Court of appeal Court of Appeal of England and Wales Court of Appeal (France) Court of Appeals Court of customs and patent appeals Court of equity Court of last resort Court of law Court of protection Court of record Court of Session Court order Court trial Court-martial Courtesy Courtroom Courts of England and Wales Courts of the United Kingdom Covenant (law) Covenant not to compete Covenant that runs with the land Covenants, conditions and restrictions Creature of statute Credibility Credible witness Creditor Creditor's claim Creditor's rights Crime Crime against humanity Crime against nature Crime against peace Crime of passion Criminal Criminal attorney Criminal calendar Criminal conversion Criminal justice Criminal law Criminal negligence Criminal procedure Critical legal studies Cross examination Cross-complaint Cross-examination Crown copyright Crown corporation Crown Court Crown entity Crown land Cruel and unusual punishment Cruelty Cruelty to animals cui bono cuius regio, eius religio Culpability Cumis counsel Cumulative sentence (disambiguation) Cumulative voting Curfew Customary estate Customary law Customs custos morum Cut a check Cy pres doctrine Cyber law Cybersquatting


D.A. D.B.A. D.U.I. D.W.I. Damages Damnation Dangerous weapon Data protection Date rape Daubert standard Day in court de bonis asportatis de bonis non administratis de facto De facto corporation de futuro de integro de jure De jure corporation de lege ferenda de lege lata de minimis de novo Deadlock Deadlock provision Deadly weapon Death tax Death penalty Death row Death duty Debenture Debt Debt bondage Debtor Debtor in possession Decapitation Deceased Deceit Deception Decide! Decision Decisory oath - Declarant Declaration of Arbroath Declaration of independence Declaration of mailing Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen Declaration of trust Declaration of war Declaration of war by the United States Declaratory judgment Declaratory relief Declared death in absentia Decree Decree absolute Decree nisi Decriminalization Dedication Deduction Deed Deed poll defalcation Defamation Default (law) Default judgment Default rule Defeasance Defective title Defendant Defense Defense attorney  Defense of infancy Deficiency judgment Defined benefit plan Defined contribution plan Deforce Defraud Degree of kinship Deliberate Deliberation Deliberative body Delict Demand Demand note Demesne Demise Democracy Demonstrative evidence Demurrer Denial Deobandi Deontology Department for Constitutional Affairs Dependent Deportation Deposition Depreciate Depreciation Depreciation reserve Derivative action Derivative work Derivatives law - Descent and distribution Desert Desertion Detailed Assessment Devi Devil's Advocate Devisee Devolution Devolve Devolved government dicta dictum Digital signature Diligence Diminished capacity Diminished responsibility Diminished responsibility in English law Diminution in value Diplomatic immunity Diplomatic recognition Direct and proximate cause Direct evidence Direct examination Directed verdict Directors register Disability Disbar Disbarment Discharge in bankruptcy Disciplinary procedure Disclaimer Discovery Discovery of documents Discretion Discretionary trust Discrimination Disembowelment Disfigure Dishonor Disinheritance Disjunctive allegations Dismissal Dismissal with prejudice Dismissal without prejudice Disobbedienti Disorderly conduct Disorderly house  Disposing mind and memory Disposition Dispossess Dispute resolution Dissent Dissenting opinion Dissolution (law) Dissolution of corporation Dissolution of the Monasteries Distinguish Distribute Distribution of property Distributive justice District attorney District court Diversity of citizenship Divestiture Divestment Dividend Dividend tax Divine Right of Kings Division of property Divisional court (disambiguation) Divorce DNA Document Documentary evidence doli incapax Domestic partner Domestic partners Domestic relations Domestic violence Dominant estate Dominant tenement Donatio mortis causa Donation Donative intent Donee Doom book Double jeopardy Double taxation Dower Dowry Draft document Drainage law Dram shop rule Drawer Drawing and quartering Dreyfus affair Driver's license Driving under the influence Driving while intoxicated Droit du seigneur Drop dead date Drug Dubitante duces tecum Due and owing Due care Due diligence Due process Due process of law Due, owing and unpaid Duress Duress in English law Duty Duty of care Duty of care in English law Duty to warn Dying declaration


Early Muslim philosophy Earned income tax credit Earnest payment Easement Ecclesia Ecclesiastical court Ecumenical council Edict Edict of Fontainebleau Edict of Milan Edict of Nantes Edict of Worms ei incumbit probatio qui Either Ejectment ejusdem generis Elder law Election of remedies Election under the will Elective share Electoral reform Electric chair Emancipation Emancipation Proclamation Embezzlement Embezzler Emblements Emergency Eminent domain Emolument Employee Employer Employers' liability Employment Employment contract Employment law En banc Enabling clause Enclosure Encumbrance End user license agreement Endowment Enfeoff Enfeoffment Enforcement English Bill of Rights English law Enjoin Enjoyment Enrolled Bill doctrine Entail Enter a judgment Entertainment law Entity Entrapment Entry of judgment Environmental Impact Report Environmental impact statement Environmental law Ephebophilia Equal Access Act Equal opportunity Equal Protection Clause Equitable distribution Equitable estoppel Equitable lien Equitable remedy Equity (law) Equity of redemption Equivalent erga omnes erratum Error Escalator clause Escape clause Escheat Escrow Escrow account Escrow agent Escrow instructions Espionage Esquire Essential facilities doctrine Establishment clause Estate Estate by entirety Estate in land Inheritance tax estoppel et al. et cetera et seq Eternity clause Ethical calculus Ethical code Ethics Ethics in religion Ethnic cleansing EU Directive 2010/63/EU European Convention on Human Rights European Court of Human Rights European Court of Justice European Patent Convention European Patent Organisation European Union directive Directive (EU) European Union Law European Union regulation Regulation (EU) Euthanasia Evasion of tax Evasion of the law Eviction Evidence ex aequo et bono ex cathedra ex delicto ex facie ex gratia ex officio ex parte ex post facto Ex post facto law ex rel Examination Exception in deed Excessive bail Excise Exclusionary rule Excommunication Exculpatory Excusable neglect Excuse Execution Execution Execution warrant Executioner Executive Executive clemency Executive privilege Executor Executory contract Executory interest executrix Exegesis Exemplary damages Exempt Exempt employees Exempt property Exemption Exhibit exigent circumstances Exile Expectancy Expense Expert determination Expert testimony Expert witness Express contract Express warranty Extension Extenuating circumstances Extinguishment Extortion Extradition Extrajudicial Extraordinary General Meeting Extraordinary resolution Extreme cruelty Extrinsic fraud


FOB (shipping) Fabrica Fabricate Fabula Face Facere Facies Facile Fact Facto Factory Factum Faculties, Court of Faculty (instrument) Faculty of a college  Faculty of Advocates Faggot voter Fail Failure Failure of consideration Failure of issue Faint action Fair Fair Play Men Fair pleader Faith Faithless servant Falang Falda Faldstool Falesia Falk-land Fall Fallo[1] False action False imprisonment False pretenses False swearing Falsehood Falsify Falsing Falsum Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus Familia Family Famosus Famosus libelus Fanatics Fakir Farm Farmer Faro Farrier Fasti Father Father-in-law Fathom Fatuity Fatuus Faubourg Fautor Fealty Fear Feciales Federal government Fee Fee-simple Fenian Feodal Feodal system Feodary Feodum Feoffee Feoffment Feoh Feria Feriae Ferling Ferry Ferryman Feu (land tenure) Feud Fishing law Flag Flag of the United States Flagrante delicto Flem Fleta Flight Floating capital Floor Florin Flotsam Fluctus Face amount Face value Fact Factum Faculty of law Failure of consideration Failure of issue Fair comment Fair dealing Fair market value Fair trade laws Fair use Fairness Doctrine False arrest False Claims Law False imprisonment False pretenses Family Family law Family court Family law Family patrimony Family purpose doctrine Fatwa Fault auto insurance system Federal Communications Commission Federal Constitutional Court (Germany) United States federal courts Federal judge Federal jurisdiction (United States) Federal law Federal question Federal tort claims act Federalism Fee Fee simple Fee tail Felicific calculus Felony Felonious Felony Felony murder rule Feme covert Feoff Feoffee Feoffment Fertile octogenarian Feud Feudal land tenure Feudal system Feudalism Fictitious defendants fiduciary Fiduciary duty Fiduciary relationship Fief Fieri fieri facias Fighting words File Final judgment Finder of fact Findings of fact Fine Fiqh Firm offer First degree murder First impression First to file and first to invent Fixture Fixtures Flight Floating charge Floating easement FOB Fostering Foujdar Four corners Fourierism Fox's Libel Act Frais Franc Francia Francus Frank-marriage Franking privilege Fraternity Fratricide Fraud Fraus Fraxinetum Free-bench Free and clear Free socage Free warren Freedman Freedom Freedom of speech Freedom of the press Free on board Freight Freighter Frenchman Frequent Frere Fresca Fresh pursuit Fretum Britannicum Friend of the court Friendly societies Friendly suit Frigidity Frith Frivolous Frontage Frontier Fructus industriales Fructus naturales Fruges Fruit Folkways For value received Forbearance Force majeure Forced heirship Forced sale Forcible entry Foreclosure Foreclosure sale Foreign corporation Forensic Forensic medicine Forensic testimony Forensics Foreseeability Foreseeable risk Forfeit Forger Forgery Formal contract Fornication forum conveniens forum non conveniens Forum shopping Foster child Four Cardinal Virtues Four corners of an instrument Franc-tireur Franchise Franchise tax Franchising Fraud Fraud in the inducement Fraudulent conveyance Fraudulent trading Free and clear Free economic zone Free on board Free port Free software license Free speech Free will Freedom of assembly Freedom of association Freedom of expression Freedom of Information Act Freedom of religion Freedom of speech Freedom of speech by country Freedom of the press Freedom of thought Freehold French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools Fresh pursuit Friendly suit Frisking Frivolous Frivolous lawsuit Fructus naturales Fruit of the poisonous tree Frustration of purpose Fugitive from justice Full faith and credit Fully paid functus officio Fundamental justice Fundamentalism Fungible things Future interest Futuwa Fyrd


Gag order Gallows Game law Gaps and gores Garnish Garnishee Garnishment Gas chamber Gasoline tax Gemara Gender bias General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade General appearance General assignment General Counsel General damages General denial General meeting General order General partnership General plan General strike General Synod Generation skipping Geneva Conventions Genocide German town law Gibbet Gift Gift in contemplation of death Gift tax Glasnost Go bail Going concern Good cause Good faith Good governance Good samaritan rule Good title Goods Goseibai Shikimoku Government Government-granted monopoly Governmental immunity Grace period Grand Inquisitor Grand jury Grand larceny Grand theft Grandfather clause Grandfathered in Grandparent visitation Grant Grant deed Grantor-grantee index Gratuitous gravamen Great Ape Project Green card Gross income Gross negligence Grounds for divorce Group boycott Group Litigation Order Guanxi Guarantee Guarantees Guarantor Guaranty Guardian Guardian ad litem Guest statute Guild Guillotine Guilt Guilty


Habeas corpus Habeas corpus ad deliberandum et recipiendum Habeas corpus ad faciendum et recipiendum Habeas corpus ad prosequendum Habeas corpus ad respondendum Habeas corpus ad satisfaciendum Habeas corpus ad subjiciendum Habeas corpus ad testificandum Habeas corpus cum causa Habitant – Habitation (see Dwelling) Habitual Criminals Act Hable Hacienda Habitable  Habitual criminal Hadith Hague Convention Hague-Visby Rules Halaal Halakha (Jewish law) Jewish law (Halakha) Half blood Halsbury's Laws of England Hanafi Hanbali Hanging Haram Harass Harassment Harm reduction Harmless error Hate speech Head of household Headnote Headright Heads of loss - Health care proxy Hearing Hearsay Hearsay rule Heat of passion Heir Heir apparent Heiress Heirs Heirs of the body Hell or high water clause Hereditament Herem (censure) Herem (priestly gift) Herem (war or property) Heresy Hidden asset High court judge High Court of Australia Royal High Court of Bhutan High Court of Justice (England and Wales) Court of High Commission (ecclesiastical court in England) High Court of Fiji High Court (Hong Kong) High Courts of India, several courts High Court (Ireland) High Court (Isle of Man) High Court of Malaya High Court of New Zealand High Court of Cassation and Justice (Romania) High Court of Justiciary (Scotland) High Court of Sabah and Sarawak High Court of Singapore High Court of South Africa Highway Highwayman Hima Himalaya clause Hit and run Hobby loss Hold harmless Holder in due course Holding Holding company Holdover tenancy Holographic will Home Rule Home Secretary Homestead Act Homestead exemption Homestead principle Hometowned Homicide Hong Kong trademark law Hornbook law Hostile environment sexual harassment Hostile possession Hostile witness Hot pursuit Hotch-pot House counsel House of Lords Household Housing tenure Human rights Human Rights Committee Human rights issues in the United States Humanism Hung jury Hunting Act 2004 Hypothecate


Idea-expression divide idem ignorantia juris non excusat Ijma Ijtihad Illegal combatant Illegal drug trade Illegal immigrant Illegitimacy Illusory promise Ilm ar-Rijal Imam Immediately Immigrant visa Immigration Immigration Appellate Authority Immunity Impanel Impaneling Impeach Impeachment Impleader Implied Bill of Rights Implied consent Implied contract Implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing Implied terms Implied warranty Implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose Implied warranty of habitability Implied warranty of merchantability Importation right Impossibility Impotence Imputation in camera In chambers in curia in delicto in esse In fee simple in flagrante delicto in forma pauperis in haec verba In kind In lieu in limine in loco parentis in pari delicto in personam in pro per in prope persona in propria persona in re in rem in situ in terrorem in terrorem clause in toto Incapacity Incest Inchoate offense Incidental beneficiary Income Income tax Incompetent evidence Incontrovertible evidence Incorporation (business) Incorporate by reference Incorporation (business) Incorporeal Incriminate Incumbrance Indecent exposure Indefeasible Indefeasible estate Indemnify Indemnity Indenture Indentured servant Independent contractor Indeterminacy debate in legal theory Indeterminate sentence Indictable offence Indictable offense Indictment Indigent Indispensable party Individual capital Individual rights Indorse Industrial design rights Industrial tribunal Infancy Infant Infanticide Act Inference Information Information and belief Informed consent Infraction Infractions Infringement Ingress Inherit Inheritance Inheritance tax Injunction Injunctive relief Injury Inkan Innocence Innocent Inns of Court innuendo Inquest Inquisition Inquisitor Inquisitorial system Insanity Insanity defense Insider Insider trading Insolvency Insolvent Inspection of documents Installment contract Instruction Instructional capital Insufficient evidence Insurance Insured Insurer Intangible property Integrated criminal justice information system Integration Intellectual capital Intellectual property Intellectual rights Intendant of New France Intent inter alia inter se inter vivos Inter vivos trust Interest Interference proceeding Interim order Interlineation interlocutory International Business Companies Act Interlocutory decree Interlocutory order Intermediate sanctions Internal affairs doctrine International Business Companies Act International constitutional law International Court of Justice International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights International crime International Criminal Court International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia International environmental law International human rights instruments International human rights law International law International relations International trade International trade law Internment Interpleader Interrogation Interrogatories Interstate commerce Intertemporal Law Intervene Intervening cause Intervention Intestacy Intestate Intestate succession Intoxication intra fauces terra intra vires Intrinsic fraud Inure Invasion of privacy Inventor Inventor's notebook Inverse condemnation Invest Investiture Investment Invitation to treat Invitee Involuntary commitment ipse dixit ipsissima verba ipso facto Irreconcilable differences Irrelevant Irreparable damage or injury Irresistible impulse Islamic Law (Sharia) Sharia (Islamic law) Islamic philosophy Isnad Issue Issue preclusion Issued shares


Juris Doctor (J.D.) Jafari Jane Doe Jaywalking Jeopardy Jewish principles of faith Jewish Theological Seminary of America Jim Crow laws John Doe Joinder Joinder of issue Joint Joint adventure Joint and several Joint and several liability Joint custody Joint liability Joint property Joint tenancy Joint tortfeasors Joint venture Jointure Jones act Journeyman Joyride Judge Judge advocate Judge Advocate General Judgment Judgment by default Judgment debtor Judgment in Berlin Judgment non obstante veredicto Judgment notwithstanding the verdict Judgment notwithstanding verdict Judicial Judicial Committee of the Privy Council Judicial discretion Judicial economy Judicial foreclosure Judicial functions of the House of Lords Judicial independence Judicial interference Judicial notice Judicial review Jump bail Junior barrister jurat Jurisdiction Jurisdictional amount Jurisprudence Jurist Juror Jury Jury box Jury charge Jury fees Jury instructions Jury nullification Jury of one's peers Jury panel Jury selection Jury stress Jury tampering Jury trial jus ad bellum jus ad bellum jus civile jus cogens jus commune jus gentium jus inter gentes jus naturale jus primae noctis jus sanguines jus sanguinis jus soli Just cause Just compensation Just war Justice Justice of the Peace Justiciable Justifiable homicide Justification Juvenile Juvenile court Juvenile delinquent


Kangaroo court Karaites Karma Kosher law Kellogg-Briand Pact Kidnapping King's Bench Kinshasa Declaration on Great Apes Know-how Kollel


Labor and materials Labor law labor union Laches lacunae Land use Land value tax Landlady Landlocked Landlord Landlord and tenant Landlord and Tenant Act Landlord's lien Lapse Larceny Last antecedent rule Last clear chance Last will and testament Latent defect Law Law and economics Law and literature Law and motion calendar Law basic topics Law book Law dictionary Law French Law lords Law of admiralty Law of Canada Law of costs Law of Ireland Law library Law of obligations Law of the case Law of the land Law of the Russian Federation Law of the Sea Law of the Soviet Union Law of the United Kingdom Law of the United States Law of treaties Law school Law Society Laws of war Lawsuit Lawyer Lay a foundation Lay assessor Laïcité Leading Leading question Leading the witness Lease Lease and release Leasehold Legal Legal abuse Legal action Legal advertising Legal age Legal aid Legal Aid Society Legal code Legal consequences of marriage and civil partnership in the United Kingdom Legal custody Legal debate Legal dualism Legal entity Artificial person Legal fiction Legal formalism Legal history Legal instrument Legal Latin Legal lexicography Legal personal representative Legal positivism Legal pluralism Legal realism Legal separation Legal status of animals in Canada Legal technicality Legal tender Legal translation Legalese Legalism (Western philosophy) Legalism (Chinese philosophy) Legalism (theology) Legalization Legatee Legislation Legislature Legitimacy (family law) Legitimacy (political science) legitime Lemon law Lessee Lesser crime Lesser included offenses Lesser-included offense Let Lethal injection Letter of credit Letter of marque Letter of wishes Letters Letters of administration Letters patent Letters testamentary Leverage Leviticus lex lata lex scripta Liable Libel Libel per se Libertarian theories of law Liberty Licence License Licensee Lie detector test Lien Lienor Life Life estate Life without possibility of parole Limitation of actions Limitations clause, Constitution of Canada Limited company Limited jurisdiction Limited liability Limited liability company Limited partner Limited partnership Line of succession Lineal descendant Lineup Liquidate Liquidated damages Liquidation Liquidator (law) lis pendens List of Roman laws Listed building Literary property Litigant Litigation Litigious Liturgy Livery Livery of seizin living trust Living will LL.B. LL.M. Loanshark Lockout locus delicti locus in quo Loiter (law) Long cause Long vacation Long-arm statute Lord Chancellor Lord Chancellor's Department Lord Chief Justice Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales Lord Justice General Lord Justice of appeal Lord Keeper of the Great Seal Lord President of the Council Lord Steward Loss of consortium Loss of use Lost volume seller Lower court Lübeck law


M'Naghten Rules Madhhab Madrassa Magdeburg rights Magdeburg law Magistrate magna carta Mail box rule Maim Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Majority Mala fides male fide Malfeasance Malice aforethought Malicious prosecution Maliki Malpractice malum in se malum prohibitum mandamus Writ of mandamus Mandate (criminal law) Mandate (international law) Mandate of Heaven Mandatory joinder Mandatory sentence Mann act Manorialism Manslaughter Manslaughter in English law Manumission Manusmriti mare clausum mare liberum Marital deduction Marital life estate Marital rights Maritime law Marked for identification Market value Marketable title Marriage Marriageable age Marshal Martial law Mask work Masoretes Masoretic Text Masorti Massachusetts trust Master Master and servant Master of Laws Master of the Rolls Master of the Rolls in Ireland Materiality Material witness Matrimonial regime Matter Maturity Maxims Maxims of equity Maxims of law – May Mayhem Mechanic's lien Mechanics lien Mediation Mediator Medical directive Medical ethics Medieval Inquisition Meet and confer Meeting of the minds Meforshim Megan's Law Memorandum Memorandum of Association mens rea Mental cruelty Mental health law Mental suffering Mercantile law Merchantable Merger Mesne mesne assignment Mesne profits Messuage Metes and bounds Military alliance Military dictatorship Military law Military tribunal Militia Mining claim Ministerial act minor Minutes Miranda warning Mirror wills Misappropriation Mischief Misdemeanor Misfeasance Mishnah Berurah Mishnah Hebrew law (Mishpat Ivri) Mishpat Ivri (Hebrew law) Misjoinder Misnomer Misprision of a felony Misprision of treason Misrepresentation Mistake of law Mistrial Mitigating circumstances Mitigating factors Mitzvah Mock trial Modern Islamic philosophy modus operandi Moiety title Monarch Money laundering Monopoly Monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force Month-to-month Monument Moot court Moot point Mootness Mopery Moral absolutism Moral certainty Moral code Moral core Moral relativism Moral rights Moral turpitude Moral universalism Morality Moratorium Mores Morganatic marriage Mortgage law Mortgagee Mortgagor Motion Motion for a summary judgment Motion for more definite statement Motion for directed verdict Motion for dismissal Motion for summary judgment motion in limine Motion to dismiss Motion to Strike Motion to suppress Motion to suppress evidence Motive Motor vehicle exception--Motor vehicle theft Movant Mujtahid Mullah Multiple citizenship Multiplicity of suits Municipal Muniment of title Murder Murder in English law Muslim dietary laws Mutation mutatis mutandis Mutiny Mutual wills


N.O.V. Name change Named plaintiffs Napoleonic code Narcotic National Insurance contributions National Labor Relations Board National trade union center Nationality Natural law Natural person Natural resource law ne exeat Necessary party Negative pledge Negative pregnant Negligence Negligence per se Negligent Negotiable instrument Negotiation nemo dat quod non habet nemo judex in sua causa Neutral country Next friend Next of kin Night and Fog prisoner nihil dicit nisi prius No contest No fault divorce No fault insurance No-par stock Noble Eightfold Path nolle prosequi nolo contendere Nominal damages Nominal party Nominal value Nominee non compos mentis non constat non est factum non liquet non obstante verdicto Non-binding arbitration Non-conforming use Non-contestability clause Non-disclosure agreement Non-executive director Non-feasance Non-profit corporation Non-profit organization Non-suit Nonimmigrant visa Nonviolence Not guilty Not guilty by reason of insanity Not-for-profit corporation nota bene Notary public Notice Notice of appeal Notice of default Notice to quit Notorious possession Notwithstanding clause (Canadian Constitution) Novation Nuisance nulla bona nulla poena sine lege Nullity (conflict) nullum crimen, nulla poena sine praevia lege poenali nunc pro tunc Nuremberg Code Nuremberg Trials


O.R. O.S.C. Oath obiter dicta is plural; see the singular obiter dictum Object Objectivist philosophy Obligation Obligations of confidentiality Obligee Obligor Obscene Obscenity Obstruction of justice Occupancy Occupant Occupational disease Occupational hazard Occupy the field Of counsel Offender Offer of proof Offeree Offeror Officer of the court Officers of a corporation Official Official misconduct Official receiver Official Solicitor Officious intermeddler Offshore corporation Ombudsman Omission Omnibus clause On all fours onus probandi Open adoption Open court Open-source license Opening statement Operation of law opinio juris sive necessitatis Opinion Oppression remedy Oral argument Oral contract Oral examination Oral law Order Order in Council Order to show cause Ordinary (officer) Ordinary course of business Ordinary resolution Ordinary shares Organized crime Original jurisdiction Original sin Originating application Orphan Ostensible agent Ostensible authority Out of court Out-of-pocket expenses Outlaw Output contract Over-the-counter drug Overcharge Overt act Owe Own Own recognizance Owner Owner-occupier Ownership


pacta sunt servanda Pain and suffering Palimony Panderer par delictum Paralegal Paramount title Paraphilia Pardon parens patriae Parent Parent company Pari delicto Pari passu Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property Parish Parliament Parliamentary procedure Parliamentary supremacy Parliamentary system Parody Parol Parol evidence rule Parole Parquet Partial breach Partial verdict Particulars Partition Partner Partnership Party Party of the first part Party of the second part Party wall Passenger Passing off Patent Patent ambiguity Patent Cooperation Treaty Patent infringement Patent pending Patentability Patently unreasonable Paternity Paternity suit Patient Patrimony of affectation Patronage Pay as you earn (paye) Payable Payee Payor Peace bond Peaceable possession Peculation Pecuniary Pedophilia Peeping tom Peer group Peerage Peer review Penal code Penal colony Penal law Penal notice Penal transportation Penalty phase Penance Pendent jurisdiction pendente lite Pension plan Pension scheme People's Republic of China's trademark law per capita per curiam per diem per minas per pro per quod per stirpes Peremptory challenge Peremptory challenges Peremptory norm Peremptory writ of mandate Perfect Perfection (law) Perform Performance Perjurer Perjury Permanent Court of Arbitration Permanent injunction Permissive Perpetuity Person Person having ordinary skill in the art persona non grata Personal effects Personal jurisdiction Personal property Personal recognizance Personal representative Personal service Personality rights Personalty Perversion Petit jury Petition Petition for probate Petition to make special Petitioner Petty larceny Petty offenses Philosophy of law Physical custody Physician-patient privilege Picketing Pierce the corporate veil Piercing the corporate veil Pilferage Pillory Pimp Piracy Plagiarism Plain error Plain view doctrine Plaint note Plaint number Plaintiff Plc Plea Plea bargain Plea in abatement Plead Pleading Pleadings Plenary authority Police Police brutality Police oppression Police powers (United States constitutional law) Police state Corruption Political prisoner Political question Political science Poll tax (disambiguation) Polyandry Polygamy Bigamy Polygraph Pornography Port of entry Positive law Possession Possession of stolen goods Possession proceedings Possessory Possessory interest Possibility of a reverter post mortem Postdated check Pot Pour over will Poverty law Power Power of appointment Power of arrest Power of attorney Practice Practice Direction Practice of law Praemunire praetor peregrinus Pre-emption rights Precedent Preemption of state and local laws in the United States Preemptive right Preference Preferential creditor Preferred dividend Preferred stock Pregnant denial Preliminary hearing Preliminary injunction Premeditation Premises Prenuptial agreement Preponderance of the evidence Prerogative writ Prescription drug Prescriptive easement President of the family division Presiding judge Presumption Presumption of innocence Pretermitted heir Pretrial discovery Price fixing prima facie Prima facie case Prima impressionis Prime suspect primogeniture Prior restraint Prison Prisoner of war Privacy Private bill Private carrier Private company Private Express Statutes Private international law Private law Private nuisance Private parts Private property Private road Privateer Privilege (evidence) Privilege (legal ethics) Privilege against self incrimination Privileged communication Privity Privy Council Privy Council of Sweden pro bono pro bono publico pro forma pro hac vice pro per pro se pro tanto pro tem pro tempore Probable cause Probate Probation Probative Probative value Procedendo Procedural defense Procedural justice Procedural law Procedure Proceeding Process Process server Proctor Product liability Professional corporation Professional negligence Proffer Prohibition Writ of prohibition Promise Promissory estoppel Promissory note Property Property damage Property law Property tax propria persona Proprietary rights Proprietor Prosecute Prosecution Prosecutor Prostitute Prostitution Protective custody Protective order Protest Protocol Provisional remedy Proximate cause Prudent man rule Public Public administrator Public benefit corporation Public company Public corporation (disambiguation) Public defender Public domain Public figure Public limited company Public nuisance Public order Public property Public record Public trust doctrine Public trustee Public use Public utility Publication Publici juris Publish Puffery Puisne judge Punitive damages Putative father Putative father registry


quaere quantum meruit Quash quasi Quasi community property Quasi contract Quasi corporation Quasi in rem Quasi-contract Quasi-criminal Quasi-delict Quasi-judicial Queen's bench Queen's Privy Council for Canada Queens bench division Queen's counsel Question of fact Question of law qui tam action quid pro quo quid pro quo sexual harassment Quiet enjoyment Quiet title action Quitclaim deed Quitrent quo warranto Quorum Quotient verdict Qur'an


Rabbi Rabbinic literature Rabbinical Assembly Race to the courthouse Racial discrimination Racial segregation Racism Racketeer influenced corrupt organization (RICO) statute Racketeering Radical transparency Ransom Rape Ratification Ratify ratio decidendi ratio scripta Rational basis Ratum sed non consummatum Real estate Real estate investment trust Real party in interest Real property Realty Reasonable care Reasonable doubt Reasonable man doctrine Reasonable time  Reasonableness Rebbe rebus sic stantibus Rebuttable presumption Rebuttal Recapture Receipt Receivership Recharacterisation Recidivist Reciprocal discovery Reckless Reckless disregard Reckless driving Recklessness Recognisance Reconstructionist Judaism Reconveyance Recorder Recording acts Recoupment Recover Recoverable Recusal Rectification (law) Recuse Redemption (bonds) Redemption of shares Redemption value Redetermination Redirect examination Redundancy Reentry Referee Referendum Reform Judaism Refugee Refundable tax credit Registered office Registered trade mark Registration statement Registry of deeds Regulation Regulations Regulatory taking Rehearing Reichstag Fire Decree Reid technique Release Release on one's own recognizance Relevancy Relief Religion and heterosexuality Religion and homosexuality Religious law Remainder Remainderman Remand (court procedure) Remittitur Rent Rent control Rental value Reorganization Repair Repeal Repentance Replevin Reply brief Reports Repossess Represent Representation Reprisal Reputation Requirements contract res adjudicata res gestae res ipsa loquitur res judicata res nulis res publica christiana Resale Rescind Rescission Rescue doctrine Reservation Reserved decision Resident Resident alien Residuary bequest Residuary estate Residuary legatee Residue Resistance movement Resisting arrest Resolution Resolution of disputes respondeat superior Responsa Responsibility Restatement of the law Restitution Restorative justice Restraining order Restraint of trade Restraint on alienation Restrictive covenant Result Resulting trust Retaining lien Retention of title clause Retire Retraction Retrial Retributive justice Return of service Revenue ruling Reversible error Reversion Review Revocable living trust Revocation Revoke RICO Right of audience Right of eminent domain Right of survivorship Right of the first night Right-of-way Right to privacy Right to silence Right-to-work laws Rights Riot Riot control agent Riparian Riparian rights Risk Risk of loss Ritual Roadside test Robbery Robert's Rules of Order Rocket docket Rogatory letters Roman Forum Roman Inquisition Roman law Room Royal Assent Royal Charter Royal Commission Royal Courts of Justice Royal Prerogative Royal Warrant Royalties Rule Rule against perpetuities Rule by decree Rule in Allhusen v Whittell Rule in Re Atkinson Rule in Bartlett v Barclays Bank Rule in Clayton's Case Rule in Dearle v Hall Rule in Dumpor's Case Rule in Howe v Earl of Dartmouth Rule in Saunders v Vautier Rule in Shelley's Case Rule in Wild's Case Rule of law Rulemaking Rules of evidence Ruling Rum-running Running with the land Ruse of war


Sabotage Sacred text Salafi Sales tax Samaritan Pentateuch Same-sex marriage Sanctions Sanhedrin Sasine Satyagraha Save harmless Savings and loan Scapegoat School of law Sciens scienter scire facias Scope of employment Scots law Scrivener Scutage se defendendo Seal Sealed verdict Sealing of records Search and seizure Search warrant Second degree murder Secondary boycott Secret police Secret rebate Secret tribunal Secret trust Secretary of State for the Home Department Secularism Secured creditor Secured transaction Security Security agreement Security deposit Security for costs Security interest Security of tenure Sedition Seduction Seigniorage Seised Seisin Seized Seizure Self-dealing Self-defense Self-determination Self-help Self-incrimination Seller Semble Semicha Senior lien Sentence (law) Separate property Separation Separation of church and state Separation of powers Separatism Septuagint Serf seriatim Servant Service Service by fax Service by mail Service by publication Service mark Service of process Services Servient estate Set-aside Set-off Setting Settle Settlement Settlement agreement Settlor Seven deadly sins Severable contract Several liability Sex offender Sex offender registries in the United States Sex tourism Sex worker Sex-related court cases Sexual abuse Sexual assault Sexual discrimination Sexual harassment Sexual morality Sexual norm Shafi'i Shaikh Shall Shame Share Share capital Share certificate Shareholder Shareholders agreement Shareholders' agreement Shareholders' derivative action Shareholders' meeting Sharia law Sharp practice Shepardize Sheriff Sheriff's sale Shield laws Shifting the burden of proof Shoplifting Short cause Shortening time Show cause order Shulkhan Arukh Sick pay Sidebar Sign Signature Signing bonus Silk Simple trust Simultaneous death act Sin Sin-offering sine die sine qua non Single life annuity Situated ethics Situational ethics situs (law) Slander Slander of title Slavery Slavery at common law Small claims court Small claims track Smuggling Socage Social capital Social control Social justice Socialist law Society for Animal Protective Legislation Sodomy Sodomy law Software license Software patent Copyright infringement of software Sole proprietorship Solicitation Solicitor Solitary confinement Solvency Solvent Sound mind and memory Sounds in Southern Poverty Law Center Sovereign immunity Sovereignty Spanish Constitution of 1978 Spanish Inquisition Speaking demurrer Special administrator Special appearance Special damages Special master Special prosecutor Special resolution Special verdict Specific bequest Specific devise Specific finding Specific legacy Specific performance Speculative damages Speed limit Speed trap Speedy trial Spendthrift clause Spendthrift trust Spoliation of evidence Spontaneous exclamation Spot zoning Spousal abuse Spousal support Springing interest Squatter Squatting Stakeholder Stamp duty Standard form contract Standard of care Standing Star Chamber Star chamber proceedings stare decisis State action State of domicile State of Emergency State religion State-owned enterprise Stationhouse bail Statism Status conference Statute Statute of frauds Statute of limitations Statutes of fraud Statutes of limitations Statutory Instrument Statutory law Statutory offer of settlement Statutory rape Stay away order Stay of execution Stay of proceedings Stet Stipendiary magistrate Stipulation Stock Stock certificate Stock in trade Stock option Stockholder Stockholders' derivative action Stoning Stop and frisk Strata title Strategic lawsuits against public participation Straw deed Straw man Street Strict construction Strict liability Strike Strike action Structure sua sponte sub judice sub modo sub nomine sub silentio Sub-tenant Subchapter S corporation Subcontractor Sublease Sublet Submitted Subordination Subordination agreement Subornation of perjury subpoena subpoena ad testificum subpoena duces tecum Subrogation Subrogee Subrogor Subscribe Subscribers Subsidiary company Substantial performance Substantive law Substituted service Substitution of attorney Succession Successive sentences Suffering Suffrage Suggestion of death - sui generis Suicide Suitor Sum certain Summary adjudication of issues Summary assessment Summary dismissal Summary judgment Summary offence Summation Summing Summons Sunnah Superior court supersedeas Superseding cause Suppression of evidence Supremacy clause Supreme court Supreme Court of Canada Supreme Court of India Supreme Court of judicature Supreme Court of New Zealand Surety Surplusage Surrebutal Surrender Surrogate court Survivorship Suspended sentence Sustain Syndicate Synod Synthetic lease


T.R.O. Table A Tacking (law) Tainted evidence Taking the fifth Tallage Talmud Tangible personal property Tangible property Taqlid Targeting civilians Targum Tax Tax avoidance Tax costs Tax credit Tax deduction Tax evasion Tax haven Tax law Tax sale Tax treaty Taxation in the United States Taxation of costs Temporary injunction Temporary insanity Ten Commandments Tenancy Tenancy at sufferance Tenancy at will Tenancy by the entirety Tenancy in common Tenement Tentative trust Tenure Terms and conditions of employment Terms and conditions of purchase Terms and conditions of sale Terms of disparagement terra nullius Territorial integrity Terrorism Test Act Testacy Testamentary Testamentary capacity Testamentary disposition Testamentary trust Testate Testator Testatrix Testify Testimony Texas Declaration of Independence Crown Old Bailey The problem of evil Theft Theocracy Third-party beneficiary Thirty-day notice Three strikes law Three theological virtues Tide lands Time is of the essence Time served Timeshare Tipstaff Tithe Title Title abstract Title insurance Title report Title search Toll Toll bridge Toll road Tontine Tools of trade Torah Torah study Torrens title Tort Tort claims act Tortfeasor Tortious Torture Tosafists Tosefta Total depravity Totalitarian democracy Totalitarianism Totten doctrine Totten trust Tracing (law) Trade Trade fixture Trade name Trade secret Trade union Trade-Related aspects of Intellectual Property rights Trademark Trademarks registry Tragedy of the commons Transfer agent Transfer in contemplation of death Transfer of shares Transferred intent Transparency Treason Treasure trove Treasury security Treasury stock Treaty Treaty of Waitangi Treble damages Trespass Trial Trial advocacy Trial by combat Trial by ordeal Trial court Trial de novo Trial in absentia Tribunal Tribute Trier of fact trinoda necessitas Triple net lease Truancy True bill Trust law Trust fund Trust instrument Trustee Trustee in bankruptcy Trustor Trusts and estates Truth in Lending Act Try title Turn state's evidence Twelve Tables Twinkie defense


Uberrima fides UCC-1 Ulema Ultimate fact ultra vires Ultrahazardous activity Unclean hands Unconscionable Unconstitutional Under the influence Underground Railroad Underwrite Underwriter Underwriting agreement Undisclosed principal Undivided interest Undue influence Unfair competition Unfair dismissal Unfree labour Unified estate and gift tax Uniform Code of Military Justice Uniform Commercial Code Uniform reciprocal enforcement of support act Unilateral contract Uninsured motorist clause Unissued stock Unitary state United Nations Charter United Nations Convention Against Torture United States bankruptcy court United States Bill of Rights United States Code United States Constitution United States constitutional law United States court of appeals United States Declaration of Independence United States Department of Justice United States district court United States Federal Income Tax Personal Exemption United States federal judicial circuit United States federal judicial district United States Office of the Independent Counsel United States Patent and Trademark Office United States prison population United States Supreme Court United States tax reform Trademark Law (United States) Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare Universal Declaration of Human Rights Universal jurisdiction Unjust enrichment Unjust taking Unlawful Unlawful assembly Unlawful detainer uno flatu Unofficial law Unreasonable search and seizure Unspecified claim Use tax Usucaption Usufruct Usurious Usury uti possidetis Utilitarianism Utility (patent)


Vacate Vacatio legis Valid claim Valuable consideration Variance Vehicular manslaughter vel non Vendee Vendor venire Venue (law) Verdict Vest Vested Vested remainder Vested right Vexatious litigation Vicarious liability Vice-Chancellor (UK legal system) vice versa vide videlicet Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties Vigilante Violence Virginia Declaration of Rights Virtue ethics Virtue jurisprudence Visitation right viz. Void Void for vagueness Void marriage Voidable Voidable marriage Voir dire Volens Voluntary association Voluntary bankruptcy Voting trust Vulgate


Wage execution Wahhabism Waive Waiver Walking possession Waqf War crime War Crimes Law (Belgium) War on Drugs War Powers Resolution War reparations Ward (legal) Ward of court Wardship Warrant (legal) Warrant of committal Warrant of delivery Warrant of execution Warrant of possession Warranty Warranty deed Waste Watered stock Weimar constitution West American Digest System Wet reckless Whiplash (medicine) Whistleblower White collar crime Widow Widow's election Widower Will Will contest Willful Willfully Winding up Window tax Wiretap Witchhunt Witness Witness stand Witness statement Words of art Work stoppage Workers' compensation Workers' compensation acts Workmen's compensation World Declaration on Great Apes World Intellectual Property Organization World Trade Organization Writ Writ of attachment Writ of coram nobis Writ of execution Writ of mandate Wrongful death Wrongful discharge Wrongful dismissal Wrongful termination Wrongful trading


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Yellow Dog contract Yeshiva Youthful offender




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