Indoor cricket (UK variant)

The game of indoor cricket can be played in any suitably sized multi-purpose sports hall. There is evidence of the game being played in the 1920s and 1930s.[1] Furthermore, it was played in the 1960s as a means of giving amateur and professional cricketers a means of playing their sport during the winter months. The first recorded organised indoor cricket league in the world took place in 1970 in North Shropshire,[2] and the first national tournament was completed in 1976 with over 400 clubs taking part. By 1979 over 1000 clubs were taking part in indoor cricket in the UK, and it remains extremely popular today with many leagues around the country.[3] Other forms of indoor cricket have been developed, based on variations of the indoor game.[4]

A bowler Bowls a delivery in a game of 6-aside indoor cricket at Lord's cricket ground in London.

The game itself bears much in common with its outdoor cousin, with a hard ball and a full length pitch being used. Indoor Cricket can be played in any suitably sized sports hall or similar shaped indoor arena. If necessary, a mat is rolled out on the floor to replicate the playing conditions of a cricket pitch. This format should not be confused with the netted variant played elsewhere around the world, predominantly in Australia and South Africa.

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