Interia, formerly, is a large Polish web portal created in 2000 in Kraków, Poland. It offers, among others: new email accounts, free web hosting, and domain name registration. The list of its 130 services includes the national and international headlines in the Polish language followed by business news, sports, motorization and new technologies, as well as online games, blogs, chat rooms, internet forums and a shopping arcade, not to mention the streaming radio and Internet television channels. Interia hosts one of Polish online encyclopedias, the Encyklopedia Internautica and the thematic catalogue of websites. It features also the weather info, astrology, virtual greeting cards popular locally, and hundreds of online chats (czaterie) with the "KidProtect" option.[1]

Type of site
Web portal
9a osiedle Teatralne, Krakow Poland Group HQ.

The portal was created by the ComArch Management IT corporation (listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange) and the RMF FM radio. The Interia S.A. company is almost wholly owned by RMF FM parent company, the German multimedia conglomerate Bauer Media Group, represented by Witold Woźniak. Bauer bought 96,6% of its shares in September 2008 and controls 99% of its vote.[2]

Due to its availability and relaxed internal policy, the free hosting service Interia has become a popular spam redirector in recent time. Spammers frequently link to its free sub-domains in their spam campaigns to avoid having their messages easily detected as junk and automatically blocked. Although, there are many legitimate webpages as well as services listed at Interia (or perhaps because of it), spammers sign up for its free accounts in volumes similar to GeoCities (Yahoo!-owned service), although their perennial favorite seems to be Google's Blogspot based in the US. The redirect pages created by spammers at Interia link only to spamvertising.[3]