International Federation of Football History & Statistics

The International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) is an organization that chronicles the history and records of association football.[2][3][4] It was founded on 27 March 1984 in Leipzig by Alfredo Pöge with the blessings of general secretary of the FIFA at the time, Helmut Käser.[2] The IFFHS was based at Al-Muroor Street 147, Abu Dhabi for some time but, in 2010, relocated to Bonn, Germany, and then in 2014 to Zurich.[5]

International Federation of Football History & Statistics (Irfu's company)
HeadquartersZurich, Switzerland
Official language
English, French, Spanish, German
Saleh Salem Bahwini[1]

During its early stages, and until 2002, the IFFHS concentrated on publishing the quarterly magazines Fußball-Weltzeitschrift, Libero spezial deutsch and Libero international.[6] When these had to be discontinued for reasons which were not officially told, the organization published its material in a series of multi-lingual books in co-operation with sponsors.[7] The statistical organization has now confined its publishing activities to its website, receiving support from FIFA,[7] organization that recognise the IFFHS and its work[4][7] although the latter has no affiliation with the football's governing body.[8]

Since 2020 a Top XI for every continental confederation is revealed, as well as the best player for every continental confederation.