Socialist Workers Party (UK)

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is a far-left political party in the United Kingdom. Founded as the Socialist Review Group by supporters of Tony Cliff in 1950, it became the International Socialists in 1962 and the SWP in 1977.[1] The party considers itself to be Trotskyist. Cliff and his followers criticised the Soviet Union and its satellites, calling them state capitalist rather than socialist countries.

Socialist Workers Party
International secretaryAlex Callinicos
Joint national secretaries
FounderTony Cliff
FoundedSocialist Review Group (1950)
International Socialists (1962)
Socialist Workers Party (1977)
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Political positionFar-left
National affiliationTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
European affiliationEuropean Anticapitalist Left
International affiliationInternational Socialist Tendency
Colours  Red
Governing bodies

The SWP has founded several fronts through which they have sought to coordinate and influence leftist action, such as the Anti-Nazi League in the late 1970s and the Stop the War Coalition in 2001.[2] It also formed an alliance with George Galloway and Respect, the dissolution of which in 2007 caused an internal crisis in the SWP. A more serious internal crisis emerged at the beginning of 2013 over allegations of rape and sexual assault made against a leading member of the party.[3][4] The SWP's handling of these accusations against the individual known as Comrade Delta led to a significant decline in the party's membership.[5]

On the international level, the SWP is part of the International Socialist Tendency.