Islington London Borough Council

Islington London Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Islington in Greater London, England. The council was created by the London Government Act 1963 and replaced two local authorities: Finsbury Metropolitan Borough Council and Islington Metropolitan Borough Council.

Islington Council
Coat of arms
Islington Council logo
Mayor of Islington
Troy Gallagher
Leader of the Council
Kaya Comer-Schwartz, Labour
since 20 May 2021
Deputy Leader
Diarmaid Ward, Labour
Leader of the Opposition
Chief executive
Linzi Roberts-Egan
since September 2019
Seats51 councillors
Political groups
Administration (48)
  Labour (48)
Other parties (3)
  Green (3)
Length of term
4 years
First past the post
Last election
3 May 2018
Next election
5 May 2022
Meeting place
Islington Town Hall

It is a London borough council, one of 32 in the United Kingdom capital of London. Islington is divided into 17 wards, each electing three councillors.[1] Following the May 2022 election, Islington Council comprises 48 Labour Party councillors and 3 Green Party councillors.[2] Of these 51 councillors, the Leader of the Council is Councillor Kaya Comer-Schwartz, while the Mayor is Councillor Marian Spall.[3][4]

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