Itagaki Taisuke

Count Itagaki Taisuke (板垣 退助, 21 May 1837  16 July 1919) was a Japanese soldier, politician and leader of the Freedom and People's Rights Movement (自由民権運動, Jiyū Minken Undō), which evolved into Japan's first political party. His image is on Japan's 1953 100-yen banknote.


Itagaki Taisuke
板垣 退助
Born(1837-05-21)May 21, 1837
DiedJuly 16, 1919(1919-07-16) (aged 82)
OccupationPolitician, Cabinet Minister
Japanese name
Kanji板垣 退助
Hiraganaいたがき たいすけ
Katakanaイタガキ タイスケ