Italian campaigns of the French Revolutionary Wars

The Italian campaigns of the French Revolutionary Wars (1792–1802) were a series of conflicts fought principally in Northern Italy between the French Revolutionary Army and a Coalition of Austria, Russia, Piedmont-Sardinia, and a number of other Italian states.

Italian Campaigns
Part of the French Revolutionary Wars

French troops entering in Rome in 1798
Date20 April 1792 – 9 February 1801

French victory

Venice partitioned between Austria and France
French client states established in Italy

First Coalition:
Kingdom of France
(until 1792)
 French Republic
(from 1792)
Second Coalition:
 French Republic

First Coalition:
Habsburg Monarchy
 Naples (until 1796)
 Sardinia (until 1796)
Other Italian States:
 Republic of Venice (1796)
 Papal States (1796)

Second Coalition:
Habsburg Monarchy
 Russian Empire
(until 1799)
 Naples (until 1801)
Tuscany (until 1801)
Commanders and leaders
Jacques Pierre Brissot (until 1793)
Maximilien Robespierre
Paul Barras
Napoleon Bonaparte
François Christophe Kellermann
Jean Victor Moreau
Louis-Alexandre Berthier
Pierre Augereau
Louis-Gabriel Suchet
Jean Lannes
André Masséna
Joachim Murat
Thomas-Alexandre Dumas
Francis II
Dagobert von Wurmser
József Alvinczi
Paul I (1798–1799)
Alexander Suvorov
Ferdinand IV
Ferdinand III
Michelangelo Alessandro Colli-Marchi