Italy national rugby sevens team

The Italy national rugby sevens team has occasionally competed in the IRB Sevens World Series since the series' was introduced in 1999, although they do not participate in every leg. Their first (and currently only) ever points in the World Series came in 2003, when they scored four points in the Cardiff leg of the series. Italy also competes in the Rugby Europe Sevens Grand Prix Series each summer.

UnionItalian Rugby Federation
Nickname(s)Gli Azzurri (The Blues)
Coach(es)Andrew Vilk
Team kit
Change kit
World Cup Sevens
Appearances3 (First in 1993)
Best result17th 1993, 2005

Italy also plays qualifying matches for two quadrennial tournaments—the Rugby World Cup Sevens and the Summer Olympics. Italy has participated in the Sevens World Cup multiple times, but has not qualified for the Olympics.

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