Itatodon is an extinct genus of primitive mammal known from the Bathonian aged Itat Formation of Russia. The genus is named after the formation, with the species being named after Leonid Petrovich Tatarinov who described the first docodont from Asia. It is known from a holotype right lower molar[1] and referred isolated right lower molar and fragment of the left lower molar.[2] When it was first described, it was thought to be a docodontan, but recent phylogenetic studies have assigned it, along with its close relative Paritatodon to Shuotheriidae.[3]

Temporal range: Bathonian
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Subclass: Yinotheria
Family: Shuotheriidae
Genus: Itatodon
Lopatin & Averianov, 2005
I. tatarinovi
Binomial name
Itatodon tatarinovi
Lopatin & Averianov, 2005


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