Itema S.p.a. is a multinational Italian company that produces textile machinery for all types of weaving.

Itema S.p.A.
IndustryTextile industry
FoundedColzate (2012 (2012))
Colzate, Bergamo
Area served
ProductsTextile machinery
Revenue € 250 million (2013)
Number of employees
SubsidiariesSwitzerland, China, India, U.S., Japan


Itema textile machine

The story of Itema begins in 1967 with the birth of Somet, leading textile machinery company, in the province of Bergamo in the North of Italy.

In 2000 the company changed its name to Promatech, after the acquisition of Vamatex, another important textile machinery manufacturing company also in the Bergamo area of Northern Italy.

The new company acquired SulTex (Sulzer textile), a Swiss textile machinery manufacturing company, whose origins date back to 1834, and the exclusive producer of projectile looms in the world.

In 2012, the three historic brands - Somet, Vamatex and Sulzer/ Sultex - changed name and re-branded as one unique Itema brand.

Corporate governance

  • Dott. Gianfranco Ceruti, President
  • Sig. Ugo Ghilardi, Chief Executive Officer
  • Sig. Aldo Arizzi, Board member
  • Sig. Danilo Arizzi, Board member
  • Sig. Alessandro Manzoni, Board member
  • Sig. Angelo Radici, Board member
  • Sig. Maurizio Radici, Board member