James H. Cromartie

James H. Cromartie is an American artist credited with the birth of Hard-Edge Realism,[1] a style by turns both redolent of and a departure from the Magic realism pioneered by Andrew Wyeth.[2] The list of celebrities and wealthy patrons reported to be among his collectors is extensive and examples of Cromartie's work may be found in 125 countries across the globe.[3] Domestically, Cromartie has been called, "one of America's leading historical artists," for his commissioned portraits of the White House, Smithsonian Institution, U.S Capitol and Supreme Court, among others.[4] In 2005, James H. Cromartie's historical portrait of the White House was featured in the widely distributed art history textbook, ArtTalk, a distinction granted to a mere 25 living artists globally.[5] Cromartie has resided year-round on Nantucket, Massachusetts for over 35 years, proudly quipping, "there are Nantucket artists, but then again there areā€¦artists who have chosen to live on Nantucket. There's a b-i-g difference."[6]

James H. Cromartie
James H. Cromartie

(1944-05-03) May 3, 1944 (age 78)
EducationEast Carolina University
Known forPainting
MovementHard-Edge Realism

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