James Kisai

James Kisai, also known as Diego Kisai (ディエゴ喜斎)[4] or Jacobo Kisai,[5] was a Japanese Jesuit lay brother and saint, one of the 26 Martyrs of Japan.[6]

Saint James Kisai
Statue of Kisai in Okayama Catholic Church in Okayama, Japan
Jesuit and Martyr
Bornc. 1534[1]
Tsudaka District, Bizen Province (now within Okayama Prefecture)
Died5 February 1597[2] (aged 62/63)
Nagasaki, Japan
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
BeatifiedSeptember 14, 1627 by Pope Urban VIII
CanonizedJune 8, 1862[3] by Pope Pius IX
Feast6 February

Out of the 26, Kisai, Paul Miki, and John Soan de Goto were the only Jesuits to be executed in Nagasaki on February 5, 1597.