Jang Bogo

Jang Bogo (787–846), childhood name: Gungbok, was a Sillan who rose to prominence in the Later Silla period of Korea as a powerful maritime figure who effectively controlled the Yellow Sea (West Sea),[1] and dominated the trade between Silla, Heian Japan, and Tang China for decades.[2] His impressive fleet of ships was centered in Wando, an island in South Jeolla Province. So influential a figure did Jang become in late Silla politics that he was granted official office as maritime commissioner of the Cheonghaejin Garrison (on Wando) and came near to marrying his daughter into the Silla Royal House before his assassination in 846. He was worshipped as a god following his death.

Jang Bogo
장보고 or 궁복
張保皐 or 弓福
Revised RomanizationJang Bogo or Gungbok
McCune–ReischauerChang Pogo or Kungbok