Jean de Lalande

Jean de Lalande (died October 19, 1646) was a Jesuit missionary at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons and one of the eight North American Martyrs. He was killed at the Mohawk village of Ossernenon after being captured by warriors.[2]


John de Lalande
BornDieppe, Seine-Maritime, France
DiedOctober 19, 1646[1]
Auriesville, New York, United States
Venerated inCatholic Church
BeatifiedJune 21, 1925, Rome, Italy by Pope Pius XI
Canonized29 June 1930, Rome, Italy by Pope Pius XI
Major shrineNational Shrine of the North American Martyrs, Auriesville, New York, USA (where he was martyred)
Feast19 October (general calendar), 26 September (Canada)