Jek people

Jek people (/ˈɛk/ also spelt Jeks, Jeklilar (Azerbaijani: Ceklilər), Jack or Dzhek people) are a Northeast Caucasian ethnic group in northern Azerbaijan.[1] The Jeks are one of the numerically small Shahdag peoples.[2] The Jeks are a part of the Shahdag group of Dagestani people, and inhabit the northeast of the Azerbaijan Republic and Shahdag plateau of the Great Caucasus. The historical motherland of the Jeks is the Jek village of Quba Rayon, and their native language is Jek language, a Lezgic language of the Northeast Caucasian family.[3][4]

Cekad - Ceklilər
Total population
approx. 11,000
Regions with significant populations
Jek, Lezgin, Azerbaijani
Sunni Islam
Related ethnic groups
Shahdagh people

The Jek people are being assimilated by the Azerbaijani people.[2] The Jek people are Sunni Muslims.[2]