Joan the Lame

Joan of Burgundy (French: Jeanne; c. 1293 – 12 December 1349), also known as Joan the Lame (French: Jeanne la Boiteuse), was Queen of France as the first wife of King Philip VI. Joan ruled as regent while her husband fought on military campaigns during the Hundred Years' War: 1340, 1345-1346 and 1347.

Joan the Lame
Queen consort of France
Tenure1 April 1328 – 12 December 1349
Coronation29 May 1328
Borncirca 1293
Died12 December 1349(1349-12-12) (aged 56)
(m. 1313)
IssueJohn II of France
Philip, Duke of Orléans
FatherRobert II, Duke of Burgundy
MotherAgnes of France
ReligionRoman Catholicism

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