Johann Georg Pisendel

Johann Georg Pisendel (5 January 1688 [O.S. 26 December 1687] – 25 November 1755)[2] was a German Baroque violinist and composer who, for many years, led the Court Orchestra in Dresden as concertmaster, then the finest instrumental ensemble in Europe.[3] The leading violinist of his time,[4] composers such as Tomaso Albinoni, Georg Philipp Telemann and Antonio Vivaldi all dedicated violin compositions to him.

Johann Georg Pisendel
Portrait of Pisendel, drawn by an artist only known as "Frank"[1]
Born5 January 1688 [O.S. 26 December 1687]
Died25 November 1755(1755-11-25) (aged 67)
EducationLeipzig University
  • Violinist
  • composer

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