John Elliotson

John Elliotson (29 October 1791 – 29 July 1868), M.D. (Edinburgh, 1810),[1] M.D.(Oxford, 1821), F.R.C.P.(London, 1822), F.R.S. (1829), professor of the principles and practice of medicine at University College London (1832), senior physician to University College Hospital (1834)[2] — and, in concert with William Collins Engledue M.D., the co-editor of The Zoist.

John Elliotson
John Elliotson
Born29 October 1791
Died29 July 1868(1868-07-29) (aged 76)
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Alma materUniversity of Edinburgh
Known forMesmerism, Phrenology, The Zoist, introducing stethoscope to United Kingdom
Scientific career
InfluencesThomas Brown

Elliotson was a prolific and influential author, a respected teacher, and renowned for his diagnostic skills as a clinician and, especially, his extremely strong prescriptions: "his students said that one should let him diagnose but not treat the patient".[3]

He was always at the 'leading edge' of his profession: he was one of the first in Britain to use and promote the stethoscope,[4] and one of the first to use acupuncture.[5]

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