John I, Duke of Brabant

John I of Brabant, also called John the Victorious (1252/1253  3 May 1294) was Duke of Brabant (1267–1294), Lothier and Limburg (1288–1294). During the 13th century, John I was venerated as a folk hero.[1] He has been painted as the perfect model of a brave, adventurous and chivalrous feudal prince.[2]

John I
John going to battle, from the Codex Manesse
Duke of Brabant and Lothier
SuccessorJohn II
Duke of Limburg
PredecessorReginald I of Guelders
SuccessorJohn II
Died3 May 1294 (aged 41 or 42)
Franciscan Church, Brussels
SpouseMargaret of France
Margaret of Flanders
IssueJohn II, Duke of Brabant
Margaret, Holy Roman Empress
Marie, Countess of Savoy
HouseHouse of Reginar
FatherHenry III, Duke of Brabant
MotherAdelaide of Burgundy
ReligionRoman Catholic
Coat of arms

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