Jole Veneziani

Jole Veneziani (11 July 1901 – 10 January 1989)[1] was an Italian fashion designer.

Jolanda Veneziani
BornJuly 11, 1901
DiedJanuary 10, 1989
Known forHaute Couture

Born in Taranto in 1901, Jole Veneziani moved to Milan with her family when she was still a child. At the height of the Second World War despite many difficulties she grasped the desire for rebirth of the Milanese middle class and opened her refined atelier and then moved to via Monte Napoleone in 1944. Throughout the years that followed the designer cemented her fame as the pioneer of Made in Italy: in 1951 she participated in the famous fashion in Villa Torrigiani in Florence,[2] she launched her Veneziani Sport collection and made the cover of Life magazine.[3] Many famous divas like Marlene Dietrich and Maria Callas became her clients as well as personalities from Milanese high society.[4]

In 1952, together with other designers such as Vincenzo Ferdinandi, Roberto Capucci, the Sartoria Antonelli, the Atelier Carosa, Giovannelli-Sciarra, Polinober, Germana Marucelli, the Sartoria Vanna and sixteen sportswear companies and boutiques at the first historic show at the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. A very young Oriana Fallaci, sent by the weekly Epoca, told the news.[5]