Josh Deu

Josh Deu is the co-founder of Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire. He and Win Butler co-founded Arcade Fire in late 1999. Deu formally left the band in late 2003. He went on to co-found the Los Angeles-based animation and visual effects house known as BLEACH FX LLC. Deu has served as a producer and director in various forms of media, currently working on the film Black Moon, Music videos such as Arcade Fire Tunnels, Rebellion, Laika, Lightning I, II. Josh is also a major stakeholder in Attica Sciences (biotech) and Athos Pharmaceuticals. In addition, Josh is working with TNG ( consultancy with Dan Tocchini, Mark Edwards, and Adrian Koehler. Josh is also writing and producing a web series with SNL alum, Chris Kattan called "Hey Kattan" and an animated television show with the legendary Mike Swaim, Cracked TV Veteran 2005-2014.

Josh Deu
Birth nameJoshua Deu
GenresIndie rock
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter, producer, VFX producer, music video director, TV director, Comedy Writer, interactive development consultant and VFX producer.
Years active1999-2023

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