Jungle Commando

The Jungle Commando (formally known as the Suriname National Liberation Army) was a guerrilla commando group in Suriname. It was founded by Ronnie Brunswijk in 1986 to ensure equal rights for Suriname's minority Maroon population. The group was formed after the Suriname troops committed mass murder against 35 people in Moiwana Village, near Moengo, after the Suriname national army failed to capture Ronnie Brunswijk.[1] The commando fought against Dési Bouterse and the Surinamese army in the Suriname Guerrilla War.

Suriname National Liberation Army
Jungle Commando
LeadersRonnie Brunswijk
Dates of operation1986-1991
Active regionsEast Suriname
IdeologyMaroon self-determination
OpponentsSurinamese army

The Jungle Commando fought a guerrilla war against the Surinamese government of Dési Bouterse in the 1980s, before a truce was negotiated in March 1991.

At one time the Jungle Commando controlled a large area in East Suriname.

In 2005, Brunswijk warned that the Jungle Commando could resume fighting if the 1992 Kourou peace accord's conditions were not met.[2]

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