Junior sergeant

A junior sergeant is a rank in armed forces and police of some states.


in the Estonian army
shoulder board
Rank insigniaEstonian Army
Rank groupNon-commissioned officer
rank code

A junior sergeant (nooremseersant in Estonian language) is a military rank in the Ground and Air Force of Estonia. The rank marks the first level of the junior non-commissioned officer.

The rank of junior sergeant has existed since the end of the Estonian War of Liberation in 1920.


Mladshy serzhant
Младший сержант
Army shoulder and air force sleeve insignia
Country Russia
Service branch Russian Ground Forces
 Russian Air Force
Russian Airborne Forces
RankNon-commissioned officer
NATO rank codeOR-5
Equivalent ranksStarshina 2nd class

Junior sergeant (Russian: Младший сержант, Mladshy serzhant) is the designation to the lowest rank in the non-commissioned officer's career group in the Army, Airborne troops, and Air Force of the Russian Federation. The rank is equivalent to Starshina 2nd class in Navy. The rank is comparable to OR-5 in NATO rank system.

The rank was introduced in the Soviet Army in 1940.

Sequence of ranks
junior rank:

Mladshy serzhant
senior rank:

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