Kampung Boy (TV series)

Kampung Boy is a Malaysian animated television series broadcast from 14 September 1999 to 12 September 2000. It is about the adventures of a young boy, Mat, and his life in a kampung (village). The series is adapted from the best-selling graphical novel The Kampung Boy, an autobiography of Malaysian cartoonist Lat. Twenty-six episodes  one of which won an Annecy Award  were first shown on Malaysian satellite television network Astro before being distributed to sixty other countries.

Kampung Boy
Title card
GenreComedy drama
Created byLat
Theme music composerDave Andrew, Farid Ali
Country of originMalaysia
Original languages
  • Malay (Malaysian release)
  • English (International release)
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes26
Production locationsNorth America, Philippines
Running time26 minutes
Production companies
Original network
Picture formatPAL
Original release14 September 1999 (1999-09-14) 
12 September 2000 (2000-09-12)

A main theme of Kampung Boy is the contrast between the traditional rural way of life and the modern urban lifestyle. The series promotes the village lifestyle as an environment that is fun and conducive to the development of a healthy and intelligent child. It raises the issue of modernisation, proposing that new values and technologies should be carefully examined by a society before being accepted.

Lat's animation has won praises for its technical work and refreshing content, although questions have been raised by Southeast Asian audiences over its similarities to Western animation and its deviations from the local style of spoken English. Malaysian animation critics held up Kampung Boy as the standard to which their country's animators should aspire, and academics in cultural studies regarded the series as a method of using modern technologies and cultural practices to preserve Malaysian history.

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