Kasaï-Oriental (former province)

Kasaï-Oriental (French for "East Kasai") was one of the eleven provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo between 1966 and 2015, when it was split into the new, smaller Kasai-Oriental province, the Lomami and the Sankuru provinces.

Kasaï-Oriental Province
Province du Kasaï-oriental
Former province of the
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Location of Kasaï-Oriental Province
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Established1966 (1966)
Dissolved2015 (2015)
Largest cityMbuji-Mayi
  GovernorAlphonse Ngoyi Kasanji
  Total173,110 km2 (66,840 sq mi)
 (2010 est.)
  Density38/km2 (98/sq mi)
Official languageFrench
National languageTshiluba

It borders the provinces of Kasaï-Occidental to the west, Équateur to the northwest, Orientale to the northeast, Maniema to the east, and Katanga to the south. Kasaï-Oriental is one of the richest diamond producing regions in the world. The provincial capital is Mbuji-Mayi.

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