Kasai River

The Kasai River (French: Kasaï [ka.sa.i]; called Cassai in Angola) is a left bank tributary of the Congo River, located in Central Africa.[4] The river begins in central Angola and flows to the east until it reaches the border between Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where it turns north and serves as the border until it flows into the DRC. From Ilebo, between the confluences with Lulua river and Sankuru river, the Kasai river turns to a westerly direction. The lower stretch of the river from the confluence with Fimi river, is known as the Kwa(h) River, before it joins the Congo at Kwamouth northeast of Kinshasa. The Kasai basin consists mainly of equatorial rainforest areas, which provide an agricultural land in a region noted for its infertile, sandy soil.[4] It is a tributary of Congo river and diamonds are found in it. Around 60% of diamonds in Belgium go from Kasai river for cutting and shaping.

Kasai River
Kasai River (in red) as part of Congo River system
Physical characteristics
MouthCongo River
Length2,153 km (1,338 mi)
Basin size884,376 km2 (341,459 sq mi)[1]
  locationKwamouth (near mouth)
  average11,500 m3/s (410,000 cu ft/s)[2]
  average11,318 m3/s (399,700 cu ft/s)[3]
Basin features
  leftLoange, Kwango
  rightLulua, Sankuru, Fimi
Stanley's route is depicted by the solid black line.

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