The Kashubians (Kashubian: Kaszëbi; Polish: Kaszubi; German: Kaschuben),[6] also known as Cassubians or Kashubs, are a Lechitic (West Slavic) ethnic group native to the historical region of Eastern Pomerania called Pomerelia, in north-central Poland.[7] Their settlement area is referred to as Kashubia. They speak the Kashubian language, which is classified as a separate language[8] closely related to Polish.

Flag and coat of arms of Kashubia
Population of Kashubians in Kashubia, 2005
Total population
in Poland between 500,000 (2007)[1] and 570,000 (2005)[2][3] of which 233,000[4][5] claim as ethnic-national identity (2005)
Regions with significant populations
 United States (diaspora)
 Canada (diaspora)
Kashubian, Polish
Roman Catholicism, Protestantism
Related ethnic groups
Poles  · Slovincians  · Sorbs

The Kashubs are closely related to the Poles. The Kashubs are grouped with the Slovincians as Pomeranians. Similarly, the Slovincian (now extinct) and Kashubian languages are grouped as Pomeranian languages, with Slovincian (also known as Łeba Kashubian) either a distinct language closely related to Kashubian,[9] or a Kashubian dialect.[10][11]