Kermadec Islands

The Kermadec Islands /kərˈmædɛk/ (Māori: Rangitāhua[2]) are a subtropical island arc in the South Pacific Ocean 800–1,000 km (500–620 mi) northeast of New Zealand's North Island, and a similar distance southwest of Tonga. The islands are part of New Zealand, 33.6 km2 (13.0 sq mi)[3] in total area and uninhabited, except for the permanently manned Raoul Island Station, the northernmost outpost of New Zealand.

Kermadec Islands
Coordinates29°16′37″S 177°55′24″W
Total islandsaround 16
Area33.6 km2 (13.0 sq mi)
Highest elevation516 m (1693 ft)
Populationabout 6[1]
Raoul Island from space

The islands are listed with the New Zealand outlying islands. The islands are an immediate part of New Zealand, but not part of any region or district, but instead an Area Outside Territorial Authority.

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