KeyForge is a card game developed by Richard Garfield and published by Ghost Galaxy. It was originally released in 2018 and published by Fantasy Flight Games.

KeyForge being played at the Pyrkon 2019 in Poznań, Poland
DesignerRichard Garfield
PublisherGhost Galaxy
Release dateNovember 15, 2018; 4 years ago (2018-11-15)
Typeunique deck game
Age range14+
Playing time45+ minutes

In 2022, Fantasy Flight Games sold the rights Ghost Galaxy.

In KeyForge, players take on the role of Archons in the world of the Crucible. Each Archon races to be the first to collect a resource called "Æmber" and forge three keys. KeyForge is sold as premade randomly generated decks, which each have a unique name.[1]

The first set of KeyForge, Call of the Archons, was released on November 15, 2018 with 370 cards in the expansion.[2] The second set, Age of Ascension, was released on May 30, 2019 with 204 cards.[3] The third set, Worlds Collide, was released on November 8, 2019 with 284 cards.[4] The fourth set, Mass Mutation, was released on July 10, 2020, with 259 cards.[5] Dark Tidings was originally scheduled to be released in February 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic was initially released over March to May 2021 with 280 cards.[6]

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