Khath'am (Arabic: خثعم, romanized: Khathʿam) was an ancient and medieval Arab tribe which traditionally dwelt in southwestern Arabia. They took part either in cooperation or opposition to the 6th-century expedition of the Aksumite ruler Abraha against Mecca. After initial hostility, they embraced Islam and a played a role in the early Muslim conquests of the 630s. The tribe of Shahran in Yemen and Saudi Arabia is a principal clan of the Khath'am.

Banu Khath'am
بنو خثعم
Adnanite/Qahtanite (disputed)
Banner of Banu Khath'am from the Battle of Siffin
NisbaAl-Khath'ami الخثعمي
LocationSoutheastern Arabia
Descended fromKhath'am ibn Anmar
ReligionPaganism, later Islam