King Faisal Prize

The King Faisal Prize (Arabic: جائزة الملك فيصل) is an annual award sponsored by King Faisal Foundation presented to "dedicated men and women whose contributions make a positive difference".[2][3] The foundation awards prizes in five categories: Service to Islam; Islamic studies; the Arabic language and Arabic literature; science; and medicine. Three of the prizes are widely considered as the most prestigious awards in the Muslim world.

King Faisal Prize
Awarded forExceptional Achievements in
Service to Islam
Islamic studies
Arabic Language and Literature
CountrySaudi Arabia
Presented byKing Faisal Foundation
Reward(s)US$ 200,000 and a gold medal[1]
First awarded1979

The first King Faisal Prize was awarded to the Pakistani scholar Abul A'la Maududi in the year 1979 for his service to Islam. In 1981, Khalid of Saudi Arabia received the same award.[4] In 1984, Fahd of Saudi Arabia was the recipient of the award.[5] In 1986, this prize was co-awarded to Ahmed Deedat and French Roger Garaudy.[6]

Award process

Designation of subjects

Each year, the selection committees designate subjects in Islamic Studies, Arabic Literature, and Medicine. Selected topics in Islamic Studies category are aimed at highlighting areas of importance in Muslim societies. Arabic Literature topics relate to specialized areas within the discipline. Topics in Medicine are supposed to reflect current areas of international concern. The Science category covers a broad range of subcategories e.g. physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology.[3]


Islamic institutions, universities and previous winners of the King Faisal Prize can nominate a person for the award. Nominations from ordinary individuals or political parties are not accepted.[7] The nominee or nominated institution(s) must be known for their leading practical or intellectual role in the service of Islam and Muslims.[8] Nominated works must be published, benefit mankind and enrich human knowledge.[8]


Winners of the Prize for category "Service to Islam" are chosen directly by the respective selection committee. For other Prize categories, pre-selection by peer reviewers is carried out, which is followed by scrutiny of the works of worthy nominees by selected referees of each discipline. Autonomous, international, specialist selection committees are then convened at the headquarters of King Faisal Foundation in Riyadh each January to make their final decisions.[3]


The prize in each of the five categories consists of:

  1. A hand written Diwani calligraphy certificate, summarizing the laureate's work.
  2. A commemorative 24 carat, 200 gram gold medal, uniquely cast for each prize.
  3. A cash endowment of SR 750,000 (US$ 200,000).

Co-winners in any category share the monetary grant. The Prizes are awarded during a ceremony in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, under the auspices of the King of Saudi Arabia.[3]

Country standings

The five countries with most award-winners as of 2012 were:[9][needs update]

PositionService to IslamIslamic StudiesArabic Language
and Literature

Sydney Brenner was considered to be the first Jew to win the King Faisal Award, in 1992.[10] Ronald Levy was reported to be a Jewish recipient in 2009.[10]

Winners by subject

Service to Islam

YearBranchCountryWinner NameWinner Title
1979Service to Islam PakistanSayyid Abul Ala'a AI-MowdoodiMaulana
1980Service to Islam IndiaSayyid Abul-Hasan Ali Al-Hasani Al-NadawiMufakkir-e-Islam
 IndonesiaMohammad NatsirDoctor
1981Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaKing Khalid Ibn Abd Al-Aziz AI-SaudHis Majesty
1982Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaAbd AI-Aziz Bin BazShaikh
1983Service to Islam EgyptHasanein M. MakhloufShaikh
 MalaysiaTunku Abd AI-RahmanPrince
1984Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaKing Fahd Ibn Abd Al-Aziz AI-SaudCustodian of the Two Holy Mosques
1985Service to Islam AfghanistanAbel Rab AI-Rasoul SaiafMr
1986Service to Islam South AfricaAhmad H. DeedatMr
 FranceRoger GaraudyDoctor
1987Service to Islam NigeriaAbu Bakr Mahmoud GumiShaikh
1988Service to Islam PhilippinesAhmad Domocao AlontoDoctor
1989Service to Islam EgyptMuhammad Al-Ghazali Al-SaqqaShaikh
1990Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaAli At-TantawiShaikh
 PakistanKhurshid AhmadProfessor
1991Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaDr. Abd Allah Umar NasifHis Excellency
1992Service to Islam NigerDr. Hamed AI-GhabidHis Excellency
1993Service to Islam Bosnia and HerzegovinaPresident Alija BegovitchPresident
1994Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaMuhammad Ibn Al-Uthaymeen[11]Shaikh
1995Service to Islam EgyptShaikh Gad AI-Haq Ali Gad AI-HaqHis Eminence
1996Service to Islam KuwaitAbd AI-Rahman H. AI-SumaitDoctor
1997Service to Islam MalaysiaDr. Mahathir bin MuhammadPrime Minister
1998Service to Islam SenegalPresident Abdou DioufHis Excellency
1999Service to Islam United Arab EmiratesJum'ah AI-Majid Abd AllahMr
2000Service to Islam EgyptAI-Azhar AI-Sharif-
2001Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaThe Saudi Arabian High Commission for Donations to Bosnia-Herzegovina-
2002Service to Islam United Arab EmiratesShaikh Dr. Sultan Ibn Muhammad AI-QasimiHis Highness
2003Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaSultan Ibn Abd AI-Aziz AI-Saud Foundation-
2004Service to Islam SudanAbd ar-Rahman Muhammad Siwar Adh-DahabField Marshal
2005Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaAhmed Mohamed AliHis Excellency
 LebanonAI-Hariri Foundation-
2006Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaShaikh Salih bin Abd AlRahman AI-HusayyinHis Excellency
 KuwaitYusuf bin Jasim bin Mohammad AI-HidjiShaikh
2007Service to Islam RussiaMintimer Sharipovich ShaimevHis Excellency
2008Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaKing Abdullah Ibn AbdulazizCustodian of the Two Holy Mosques
2009Service to Islam EgyptPrincipal Sharie Society for Quran and Sunnah Scholars Cairo-
2010Service to Islam TurkeyRecep Tayyip ErdoğanPrime Minister
2011Service to Islam MalaysiaAbdullah Ahmad BadawiHis Excellency
2012Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaSulaiman Bin Abd Al-Aziz Al-RajhiShaikh
2015Service to Islam IndiaZakir A. NaikDoctor
2016Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaSalih bin Abdullah al Humaid[12]Doctor
2017Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaSalman ibn AbdulazizKing
2018Service to Islam IndonesiaIrwandi JaswirProfessor
2019Service to Islam SudanInternational University of Africa, Khartoum-
2020Service to Islam Saudi ArabiaThe Makkah Document-

Islamic Studies

YearBranchTopicCountryWinner NameWinner Title
1979Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with the Influence of Muslim Scholars on European Civilization GermanyFuat SezginProfessor
1980Islamic StudiesStudies on the Hadith of Muhammad Saudi ArabiaMuhammad Mustafa AzmiDoctor
1981Islamic StudiesStudies on the Role of Shari'a in the Restoration of the Society-Not Awarded-
1982Islamic StudiesContemporary Economic Problems from an Islamic Perspective IndiaMuhammad Najatuallah SiddiquiProfessor
1983Islamic StudiesStudies on the Quran EgyptMuhammad A. OdaimahProfessor
1984Islamic StudiesGeneral Theory in Islamic Jurisprudence SyriaMustafa A. AI-Zarka'aShaikh
1985Islamic StudiesStudies and Editions on the Islamic Doctrine Saudi ArabiaMuhammad Rashad SalimProfessor
 EgyptFarouk A OesoukiDoctor
 EgyptMustafa M. SulimanDoctor
1986Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with Islamic History IraqAbd AI-Aziz AI-DuriProfessor
1987Islamic StudiesPrinciples and Practices of International Relations in Islam-Not Awarded-
1988Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with Islamic Education EgyptMuhammad Kotb Shathly-
 TurkeyMikdat YalçınProfessor
1989Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with the Islamic City IraqSaleh Ahmad AI-AliProfessor
1990Islamic StudiesFinancial Dealings in Islamic Shari'ah SudanAl-Seddiq M. Al-DarirProfessor
 Saudi ArabiaUmer ChapraDoctor
1991Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with the Spread of Islam into an Area Outside the Present Boundaries of the Islamic World-Not Awarded-
1992Islamic StudiesOrigins of Research Methodologies in Contemporary-Not Awarded-
1993Islamic StudiesMuslim Achievements in the Field of Sociology EgyptHasan As-Sa'ati Abd AI AzizProfessor
1994Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with Islamic Law EgyptEI-Sayyid Sabiq At-TihamiShaikh
 QatarYousef A. AI-QaradawiDoctor
1995Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with Thematic Commentary of the Quran-Not Awarded-
1996Islamic StudiesThe Life of the Muhammad IraqAkram Dia'a AI-UmariProfessor
1997Islamic StudiesStudies on the Status of Women in Islam IraqAbd AI-Karim Zedan BiejProfessor
1998Islamic StudiesStudies on Libraries or the Evolution of Islamic Book Craft EgyptAbd AI-Sattar Al-HalwajiProfessor
 Saudi ArabiaYahia M. bin JunaidProfessor
1999Islamic StudiesContributions to the Study, Verification
and Authentication of the Hadith
 SyriaShaikh Muhammad Nasir Ad-Din Al-AlbaniShaikh
2000Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with the Spread and Cultural Impact of Islam Outside the Arab BangladeshMuhammad Mohar AliProfessor
2001Islamic StudiesStudies on Matters with no Islamic Legal Precedent-Not Awarded-
2002Islamic StudiesStudies into the Objectives of Islamic Legislation-Not Awarded-
2003Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with History of Islamic Economics SudanIzz EI-Din Omar MousaProfessor
 MoroccoIbrahim Abu Bakr HarakatProfessor
2004Islamic StudiesBasics of Islamic Jurisprudence Saudi ArabiaYacoub Abd AI-wahab AIBahussainDoctor
 IndiaAli Ahmad Ghulam Muhammad NadviDoctor
2005Islamic StudiesDefense of the Islamic State During the 5th and 6th Centuries A.H United KingdomCarole HillenbrandProfessor
2006Islamic StudiesThe Origins of Islamic Jurisprudence-Not Awarded-
2007Islamic StudiesMuslims' Contribution to Pure or Applied Sciences FranceRoshdi Hifni RashedProfessor
2008Islamic StudiesRules Governing International Relations
During Peace and War in Islam
2009Islamic StudiesStudies by Muslim Scholars on the Concept
of "Imran" (Civilization Cycles)
 MoroccoAbdessalam M. CheddadiProfessor
2010Islamic StudiesStudies Dealing with Religious Endowments (Waqf) in Islam-Withheld-
2011Islamic StudiesSocioeconomic Aspects in the Islamic World
through 10th-13th Century H;
 TurkeyHalil İbrahim İnalcıkProfessor
 JordanMuhammad Adnan Bakhit Al-SheyyabProfessor
2012Islamic StudiesHuman Rights in Islam Saudi ArabiaProfessor Adnaan Bin Muhammad Al-WazanHis Excellency
2015Islamic StudiesCultural Heritage of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Saudi ArabiaAbdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman KakiDoctor
2016Islamic StudiesMuslim Geography Heritage KuwaitAbdullah bin Yousif Al-GhunaimProfessor
2018Islamic StudiesCritical Editions of Islamic Historical and Biographical Texts JordanBashar AwadProfessor
2020Islamic StudiesIslamic Heritage of Alquds JordanMohammed Hashim GhoshehDoctor

Arabic language and literature

YearBranchTopicCountryWinner NameWinner Title
1979Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on Contemporary Arabic Poetry-Not Awarded-
1980Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on Contemporary Arabic Poetry PalestineIhsan AbbasProfessor
 EgyptAbd Al-Qadir Al-QitProfessor
1981Arabic Language and LiteratureEditing Literary Manuscripts from the 2nd and 3rd Centuries A.H. EgyptAbd Al Salam HarunProfessor
1982Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on Ancient Arabic Literature from the Pre-Islamic Era to the End of the 1st Century A.H. JordanNasir Al-Din Al-AsadProfessor
1983Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on Ancient Arabic Literature during the 2nd and 3rd Centuries EgyptAhmad Shawqi DaifProfessor
1984Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on Arabic Literature During the 4th Century A.H. EgyptMahmoud Mohamed Shaker-
1985Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on Ancient Arabic Literary Criticism-Not Awarded-
1986Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on Arabic Literature During the 5th and 6th Centuries A.H. IraqMohammad Bahjat Al-Athari-
1987Arabic Language and LiteratureLiterary Studies on Modern Arabic Prose-Not Awarded-
1988Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on Arabic Literature in Andalusia MoroccoMohammad Bin SharifahProfessor
 EgyptMahmoud Y. MakkiProfessor
1989Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies Dealing with Prominent Arab Writers and Poets to the end of the 3rd Century A.H. EgyptYousef A. KhulaifProfessor
 SyriaShaker Al-FahhamProfessor
1990Arabic Language and LiteratureShort Novels EgyptYahia M. HaqqiMr
1991Arabic Language and LiteratureChildren's Literature MoroccoMAli Abd Al-Qadir Al SiqilliMr
 EgyptAbd Al Tawwab YousefMr
 EgyptAhmed M. Najeeb-
1992Arabic Language and LiteratureTranslations of Literary and Critical Studies into Arabic LebanonMohammad Yousef NajmProfessor
 EgyptAbd Alfattah Shukri AyyadProfessor
 EgyptMohammad Mustafa BadawiProfessor
1993Arabic Language and LiteraturePlays Written in Metrical or Prose Arabic-Not Awarded-
1994Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies Dealing with Ancient Arabic Prose United StatesWadad Afif KadiProfessor
 EgyptAisha Abd Al Rahman "Bint ash shati"Professor
1995Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies Dealing with Prominent Contemporary Arab Writers EgyptMohammad Abu Al-Anwar Mohammad AliProfessor
 EgyptHamdi Sayyid Ahmed El SakkoutProfessor
 SyriaSalma Lutfi Al-Haffar Al-Kowzbari-
1996Arabic Language and LiteratureLiterature Analyzing the Writings of Early Arab Travelers Saudi ArabiaHamad Bin Mohamad Al JasirShaikh
1997Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on the Modern Arabic Novel-Not Awarded-
1998Arabic Language and LiteratureAutobiographies by Contemporary Arab Writers-Not Awarded-
1999Arabic Language and LiteratureComparative Studies between Arabic and Other Literatures: Theoretical and Applied Aspects MoroccoSaid Abd Al-Salam Allouche-
 EgyptMakarim Ahmed Al-GhamriProfessor
2000Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies Pertaining to Early Arab Literary Critics EgyptIzz Ad-Din Ismail Abd-Al GhaniProfessor
 SudanAbd Allah Al-Tayyeb-
2001Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies dealing with Modern Arabic prose Saudi ArabiaMansour Ibrahim Al HazmiProfessor
 JordanIbrahim Abd Al-Rahim Al SaafinProfessor
2002Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies of Modern Palestinian Literature JordanHusni Mahmoud HusseinProfessor
 SyriaHusam Aldin Al-KhatibProfessor
2003Arabic Language and LiteratureDefinitions of Literary and Critical Terms of Arabic Literature-Not Awarded-
2004Preservation of Classical Arabic to the End of the 5th Century AH EgyptHussain M NassarProfessor
2005Arabic Language and LiteratureArabic Prose in the 4th and 5th Centuries A.H.-Not Awarded-
2006Arabic Language and LiteratureThe Arabic Language in Modern Linguistics MoroccoAbdelkader Fassi Fehri-
 EgyptTammam Hassan OmarProfessor
2007Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies on Ancient Arabic Rhetoric EgyptMustafa A. NasifProfessor
 MoroccoMuhammad A. Al-OmariProfessor
2008Arabic Language and LiteratureTerminology Issues of the Arabic Language TunisiaMuhammad Rachad HamzaouiProfessor
 IraqAhmed Matloob Al-NasirProfessor
2009Arabic Language and LiteratureVerification of Poetry, Prose and Anthology through 300 H – 700 H Saudi ArabiaAbd Al-Aziz Bin Nasir Al-ManieProfessor
2010Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies Dealing with Arabic Grammatical Thought LebanonRamzi Mounir BaalbakiProfessor
 AlgeriaAbderrahman El-Houari Hadj-SalehProfessor
2011Arabic Language and LiteratureRenovation Trends in Arabic Poetry up to the End of the 7th Century H.-Not Awarded-
2012Arabic Language and LiteratureComputer Processing of the Arabic Language: Individual and Institutional Endeavors EgyptNabil Ali MohamedProfessor
 EgyptAli Helmy Ahmed MoussaProfessor
2013Arabic Language and LiteratureIndividual and Institutional Efforts In Writing Arabic Dictionaries EgyptArabic Language Academy In Cairo-
2015Arabic Language and LiteratureVenture Towards Arabisation of Scientific and Medical Matters-Withheld-
2016Arabic Language and LiteratureAnalysis of the Arabic Poetic Text EgyptMohamed Abdalmotaleb MostafaProfessor
 MoroccoMohammed El-Ghazouani MiftahProfessor
2018Arabic Language and LiteratureStudies Dealing with Autobiography in Arabic Literature TunisiaShukri MabkhoutProfessor
2019Arabic Language and LiteratureArabic Language and Contemporary Challenges MoroccoAbdelali Mohamed OudrhiriDoctor
 EgyptMahmoud Fahmy HegaziDoctor
2020Arabic Language and LiteratureLinguistic Studies on Arabic in Other Languages AustraliaMichael G. CarterProfessor


YearBranchTopicCountryWinner NameWinner Title
1982MedicinePrimary Health Care United KingdomDavid C. MorleyProfessor
1983MedicineMalaria United KingdomWallace PetersProfessor
1984MedicineDiarrheal Diseases United StatesMichael Field (de)Professor
 United StatesWilliam B. Greenough IIIProfessor
 United StatesJohn S. FordtranProfessor
1985MedicineViral Hepatitis United StatesR. Palmer BeasleyProfessor
 ItalyMario RizzettoProfessor
1986MedicineDiabetes Mellitus  SwitzerlandAlbert RenoldProfessor
 ItalyLelio OrciProfessor
 ItalyGian Franco Bottazzo-
1988MedicineLeukemia United KingdomMelvin F. Greaves
 United StatesJanet D. RawleyProfessor
1989MedicineInfertility United KingdomRobert G. Edwards Professor
 United StatesLuigi Mastroianni Jr.Professor
1990MedicineSchistosomiasis United KingdomAnthony E. ButterworthProfessor
 FranceAndré CapronProfessor
1991MedicineBiochemical Aspects of Mental Health-Not Awarded-
1992MedicineCoronary Artery Disease ItalyAttilio MaseriProfessor
1993MedicineAcquired Immuno-deficiency Diseases FranceFrançoise Barré-Sinoussi Professor
 FranceJean-Claude ChermannProfessor
 FranceLuc Montagnier Professor
1994MedicineMedical Applications Of Genetic Engineering United KingdomRobert Williamson (de)Professor
 United StatesW. French AndersonProfessor
1995MedicineMolecular Immunology CanadaTak W. MakProfessor
 United StatesMark M. DavisProfessor
 United KingdomGregory P. Winter Sir
1996MedicineManagement of the Premature Infant JapanTetsurō FujiwaraProfessor
 SwedenBengt RobertsonProfessor
1997MedicineDegenerative Diseases of the Nervous System GermanyKonrad BeyreutherProfessor
 CanadaJames F. GusellaProfessor
 AustraliaColin L. MastersProfessor
1998MedicineControl of Communicable Diseases United StatesRobert H. PurcellProfessor
 United StatesJohn L. Gerin [de]Professor
1999MedicineAllergic Diseases United KingdomStephen T. Holgate
 AustraliaPatrick G. Holt [de]Professor
2000MedicineAgeing United StatesCynthia Jane KenyonProfessor
2001MedicineOrgan Transplantation United StatesNorman E. ShumwayProfessor
 United KingdomRoy CalneProfessor
 United StatesThomas StarzlProfessor
2002MedicinePathophysiology of Chronic Heart Failure DenmarkFinn Waagstein [de]Professor
 United StatesEugene BraunwaldProfessor
2003MedicineBreast Cancer ItalyUmberto VeronesiProfessor
 GermanyAxel UllrichProfessor
2004MedicineInvasive Cardiology  SwitzerlandUlrich SigwartProfessor
2005MedicineTobacco Risks on Human Health United KingdomRichard DollSir
 United KingdomRichard PetoSir
2006Biology of Vascular Inflammation United StatesMichael Anthony Gimbrone [de] Jr.Professor
2007MedicineProstate Cancer CanadaFernand LabrieProfessor
 United StatesPatrick Craig Walsh [de]Professor
2008MedicineTrauma Management United StatesDonald TrunkeyProfessor
 United StatesBasil A. Pruitt [de] Jr.Professor
2009MedicineMolecular Targeted Therapy United StatesRonald LevyProfessor
2010MedicineNon-Arthroplasty Management of Degenerative Joint Disease GermanyReinhold Ganz [de]Professor
 CanadaJohanne Martel-PelletierProfessor
 CanadaJean-Pierre Pelletier [de]Professor
2011MedicineStem Cell Therapy United StatesJames A. ThomsonProfessor
 JapanShinya Yamanaka Professor
2012MedicineMinimal Invasive Fetal Management United StatesRichard L. Berkowitz [de]Professor
 United StatesJames B. Bussel [de]Professor
2013MedicineThe Genetics of Obesity United StatesJeffrey M. FriedmanProfessor
 CanadaDouglas L. ColemanProfessor
2014MedicineNon-Invasive Diagnosis of Fetal Diseases Hong KongYuk Ming Dennis LoProfessor
2015MedicineIntestinal Microflora and Human Health United StatesJeffrey Ivan GordonProfessor
2016MedicineClinical Application of Next Generation Genetics NetherlandsJoris Andre Veltman [de]Professor
 NetherlandsHan G. Brunner [de]Professor
2017MedicineBiologic Therapeutics in Autoimmune Diseases JapanTadamitsu KishimotoProfessor
2018MedicineImmunotherapy for Cancer United StatesJames P. Allison Professor
2019MedicineBone Biology and Osteoporosis United StatesSteven L. TeitelbaumProfessor
 NorwayBjorn Reino OlsenProfessor
2020MedicineHaemoglobinopathies United StatesStuart H. OrkinProfessor


YearBranchTopicCountryWinner NameWinner Title
1984SciencePhysics  SwitzerlandHeinrich Rohrer Professor
 GermanyGerd Binnig Professor
1985Science--Not Awarded-
1986ScienceBiochemistry United KingdomMichael John BerridgeSir
1987ScienceMathematics United KingdomMichael AtiyahSir
1988ScienceBiology United KingdomRicardo MilediProfessor
 FrancePierre ChambonProfessor
1989SciencePhysics GermanyTheodor W. Hänsch Professor
 Egypt /  United StatesAhmed Hassan Zewail Professor
1990ScienceChemistry CanadaRaymond Urgel LemieuxProfessor
 Egypt /  United StatesMustafa Amr El SayedProfessor
 United StatesFrank Albert CottonProfessor
1991ScienceMathematics-Not Awarded-
1992ScienceBiology South AfricaSydney Brenner Professor
1993SciencePhysics United StatesSteven Chu Professor
 GermanyHerbert WaltherProfessor
1994ScienceMathematics United StatesDennis Parnell SullivanProfessor
1995ScienceChemistry United StatesK. Barry Sharpless Professor
1996ScienceBiology United StatesGünter Blobel Professor
 United StatesJames E. Rothman Professor
 United KingdomHugh PelhamProfessor
1997SciencePhysics United StatesEric Allin Cornell Professor
 United StatesCarl E. Wieman Professor
1998ScienceMathematics United KingdomAndrew John WilesSir
1999ScienceChemistry GermanyDieter SeebachProfessor
 JapanRyoji Noyori Professor
2000ScienceBiology United StatesJohn Craig VenterProfessor
 United StatesEdward O.WilsonProfessor
2001SciencePhysics United StatesChen Ning Yang Professor
 CanadaSajeev O. JohnProfessor
2002ScienceMathematics United StatesPeter W. ShorProfessor
 RussiaYuri I. ManinProfessor
2003ScienceChemistry JapanKoji NakanishiProfessor
 United StatesM. Frederick HawthorneProfessor
2004ScienceBiology United KingdomSemir ZekiProfessor
2005SciencePhysics United StatesFederico CapassoProfessor
 AustriaAnton ZeilingerProfessor
 United StatesFrank Wilczek Professor
2006ScienceMathematics United KingdomSimon Kirwan DonaldsonProfessor
 IndiaMudumbai Seshachalu NarasimhanProfessor
2007ScienceChemistry United KingdomJames Fraser Stoddart Professor
2008ScienceBiology GermanyRüdiger Wehner [de]Professor
2009SciencePhysics RussiaRashid A. SunyaevProfessor
 United KingdomRichard H. FriendSir
2010ScienceMathematics AustraliaTerence Chi-Shen TaoProfessor
 ItalyEnrico BombieriProfessor
2011ScienceChemistry United StatesGeorge M. WhitesidesProfessor
 United StatesRichard ZareProfessor
2012ScienceBiology United StatesAlexander Jacob VarshavskyProfessor
2013SciencePhysics Hungary /  AustriaFerenc KrauszProfessor
 CanadaPaul B. CorkumProfessor
2014ScienceMathematics GermanyGerd FaltingsProfessor
2015ScienceChemistry  SwitzerlandMichael GrätzelProfessor
 Jordan /  United StatesOmar Mwannes YaghiProfessor
2016ScienceBiology United StatesVamsi Krishna MoothaProfessor
 United KingdomStephen Philip JacksonProfessor
2017SciencePhysics  SwitzerlandDaniel LossProfessor
 NetherlandsLaurens MolenkampProfessor
2018ScienceMathematics United KingdomJohn M. BallSir
2019ScienceChemistry United StatesAllen J. BardProfessor
 United StatesJean FréchetProfessor
2020ScienceBiology United StatesXiaodong WangProfessor

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