Kingdom of Dyfed

The Kingdom of Dyfed (Welsh pronunciation: ['dəvɛd]), one of several Welsh petty kingdoms that emerged in 5th-century sub-Roman Britain in southwest Wales, was based on the former territory of the Demetae (modern Welsh Dyfed). The Normans invaded Wales (1067 to 1100), and by 1138 incorporated Dyfed into a new shire called Pembrokeshire after the Norman castle built in the Cantref of Penfro and under the rule of the Marcher Earl of Pembroke.

Kingdom of Dyfed
Teyrnas Dyfed
c. 410 920
Map showing Dyfed, after the late 7th century, showing its seven cantrefi.
Common languagesOld Welsh, Vulgar Latin, Old Irish[1]
Historical eraMiddle Ages
Preceded by
Succeeded by
sub-Roman Britain
Post-Roman Welsh petty kingdoms. Dyfed is the promontory on the southwestern coast. The modern Anglo-Welsh border is also shown.