Kirsty Hughes

Kirsty Hughes, Ph.D, FRSE is a political scientist, founder and Director of Scottish Centre on European Relations,[1] and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).

Kirsty Hughes

EmployerScottish Centre on European Relations University of Edinburgh
Known foracademic, specialist in the policy and relationship between UK, Scotland and Europe

Research interests and funding issue

Hughes is a Scottish academic and writer, specialising in the relationship between the UK and Scotland, in particular, with Europe. She is regularly consulted as an authority in think tanks, by international governments, non-governmental organisations[1] and media,[2] and was made a Fellow of RSE in 2021.[3]

Hughes is based at the University of Edinburgh, and is a Senior Fellow in Friends of Europe, Brussels and at the Centre for European Policy Studies and the UK Policy Studies Institute, as well as a Research Fellow at WZB Berlin Social Science Centre and is the Director of the European Programme at the UK's Chatham House.[4] She is also Director of the Centre for Constitutional Change, a collaboration between Edinburgh and Aberdeen Universities, looking at constitutional changes within the territories of the UK,[5][6] and difference in policies on the coronavirus pandemic.[7]

She has researched and written upon the relationships between the UK, Scotland and the EU [8] and regarding Brexit[9][10][11] and on issues relating to democracy in Europe,[12] and on the impact of the Eurozone crisis and the enlargement of the EU to Eastern and Central European members,[13] and regarding Turkey's application to the Union.[4]

During the run up to the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election, Hughes has been invited to comment on Scottish policy in relation to future application to the European Economic Area or the EU,[14] should it gain independence from the UK.[15][16][17]

She commented that a misunderstanding of the Ireland-UK common travel area was shown in a statement regarding a future 'hard' border between a potential independent Scotland within the EU and an England outside it, characterised as a 'great wall of Gretna' by Home Office Minister Kevin Foster, MP and called this 'simply scaremongering' and 'hypocrisy'.[18]

On 14 July 2021, Hughes announced that research funding was inadequate to continue operating the independent research centre; a decision considered regrettable and untimely by a spokesperson for the European Movement in Scotland, and by Professor Fergal Cochrane of the Conflict Analysis Research Centre at the University of Kent and others.[19] The former head of the European Commission in Scotland, Graham Blythe, be also remarked that the timing was a concern as 'Scottish/European relations are perhaps even more in focus than before.' [20]

Selected publications

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