Kisangani massacre

The Kisangani massacre occurred from May 13–15, 2002 in the city of Kisangani, Tshopo. After suppressing a mutiny, the Rally for Congolese Democracy started extrajudicial killings, lootings, and rape in the city, killing up to 183 people.

Kisangani massacre
Part of the Second Congo War
Kisangani massacre is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kisangani massacre (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
LocationKisangani, Tshopo, DR Congo
Coordinates0°31′0″N 25°12′0″E
DateMay 13–15, 2002
Attack type
Massacre, Looting, arson, war rape
VictimsCivilians and mutinying soldiers
PerpetratorsRally for Congolese Democracy
MotiveRepression of a mutiny

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