Kition (Greek: Κίτιον, Kítion; Phoenician: 𐤊‬𐤕‬, KT,[4] or 𐤊‬𐤕𐤉, KTY;[5] Latin: Citium[6]) was a city-kingdom on the southern coast of Cyprus (in present-day Larnaca). According to the text on the plaque closest to the excavation pit of the Kathari site (as of 2013), it was established in the 13th century BC by Greek (Achaean) settlers, after the Trojan war.

13th century BC–342 AD[1]
Location of Kition
Common languagesGreek[2] and Phoenician[2]
Ancient Greek religion/Ancient Canaanite religion
GovernmentPetty kingdom
Historical eraClassical Antiquity
13th century BC
342 AD[1]
CurrencyStater, obol
Today part ofCyprus

Era: New Kingdom
(1550–1069 BC)
Egyptian hieroglyphs
Map showing the twelve ancient Greek city-kingdoms of Cyprus

Its most famous, and probably only known, resident was Zeno of Citium, born c. 334 BC in Citium and founder of the Stoic school of philosophy which he taught in Athens from about 300 BC.