Klaipėda Region

The Klaipėda Region (Lithuanian: Klaipėdos kraštas) or Memel Territory (German: Memelland or Memelgebiet) was defined by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles in 1920 and refers to the northernmost part of the German province of East Prussia, when as Memelland it was put under the administration of the Entente's Council of Ambassadors. The Memel Territory, together with other areas severed from Germany (the Saar and Danzig) was to remain under the control of the League of Nations until a future day when the people of these regions would be allowed to vote on whether the land would return to Germany or not. Today, the former Memel Territory is controlled by Lithuania as part of Klaipėda and Tauragė counties.

Klaipėda Region
Klaipėdos kraštas  (Lithuanian)
Memelland, Memelgebiet  (German)
Coat of arms
Historical map of Memelland and the northern part of East Prussia.
StatusTerritory under League of Nations protection
Common languagesGerman
GovernmentSpecial territory
Presidents of the Directorate 
Arthur Altenberg
Wilhelm Steputat
Erdmann Simoneit
Historical eraInterwar period
10 January 1920
10–15 January 1923
 Annexed by Lithuania
19 January 1923
2,657 km2 (1,026 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Free State of Prussia
Today part ofLithuania

History of Brandenburg and Prussia
Northern March
Old Prussians
pre-13th century
Lutician federation
983  12th century
Margraviate of Brandenburg
1157–1618 (1806) (HRE)
(Bohemia 1373–1415)
Teutonic Order
(Polish fief 1466–1525)
Duchy of Prussia
1525–1618 (1701)
(Polish fief 1525–1657)
Royal (Polish) Prussia (Poland)
1454/1466  1772
Kingdom in Prussia
Kingdom of Prussia
Free State of Prussia (Germany)
Klaipėda Region
1920–1939 / 1945–present
Recovered Territories
1947–1952 / 1990–present
Kaliningrad Oblast
Postage stamps of the Klaipėda Region in use 1920–1925. The upper stamp is French with overprint in German "MEMEL". The other stamps are Lithuanian, one with overprint in Lithuanian and in German, the other without. The latter one was issued especially for postal use in the Klaipėda Region.

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