Knight of Freedom Award

The Knight of Freedom Award (Polish: Rycerz Wolności) is a Polish international award conferred annually to "outstanding figures, who promote the values represented by General Casimir Pulaski: freedom, justice, and democracy". It was established in 2005 and is presented by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, which is an independent, non-profit think tank specializing in foreign policy and international security. The award committee chaired by Zbigniew Pisarski,[1] the President of the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, presents the laureates with handmade replicas of the sabre (Polish: karabela) used by General Pulaski. The award ceremony takes place each year during the Warsaw Security Forum and the award is considered to be one of the most important Polish foreign policy and human rights awards.[2][3]

Knight of Freedom Award
Awarded forthe promotion of freedom, justice and democracy
Presented byCasimir Pulaski Foundation
First awarded2005


Year Laureate(s) Image Citizenship(s) Citation(s) Source(s)
2020 Thorbjørn Jagland Norway for his continuous commitment to the European integration project, active engagement in fostering international dialogue and a tireless effort to promote democracy, rule of law and human rights in Europe and beyond. [4]
2019 Dalia Grybauskaitė Lithuania for her considerable efforts undertaken in the fight for the security and defense of Lithuania, the Baltic states and Poland as well as for her hard stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine [5]
2018 Anders Fogh Rasmussen Denmark for his activities related to enhancing European integration and promoting European values [6]
2017 Mary Robinson Ireland for her uncompromising fight for human rights and universal values [7]
2016 Toomas Ilves Estonia for his activity to promote democratic and pro-European values in the country and all over the world [8][9]
Mikhail Khodorkovsky Russia for the uncompromising efforts to build the rule of law, civil society and the promotion of European values in Russian society [10][11]
2015 Carl Bildt Sweden for his contribution to the EU's Eastern Partnership initiative, whose goal is to bring pro-European values to the partner countries and help in carrying out reforms [12]
Radosław Sikorski Poland for initiating the process of creating the concept of the Eastern Partnership in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy of the EU, the aim of which is to bring pro-European values and help in carrying out reforms in the partner states [13]
2014 Mikheil Saakashvili Georgia for strengthening the democracy, rule of law, and development of civil society in Georgia [14]
2013 Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga Latvia for the promotion of democratic values throughout the world, fighting for equality of women, as well as efforts for social justice [15]
2012 Richard Lugar United States for his actions and support of the Polish accession process to NATO structures [16]
2011 Bernard Kouchner France for his contribution in promoting humanitarian values through the organization "Doctors Without Borders" and input in the promotion of the freedom, justice and democracy worldwide [17]
2010 Javier Solana Spain for his commitment to a peaceful solution of the political conflict related to the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2004 [18]
2009 Valdas Adamkus Lithuania for his contribution to conduct re-elections in Ukraine, as well as for his involvement in the Orange Revolution [19]
Aleksander Kwaśniewski Poland for his merits in favour of a peaceful end to the Orange Revolution [20][21]
2008 Lech Wałęsa Poland for his contribution to the democratic transition of Poland [22]
2007 Alaksandar Milinkievič Belarus for his work and commitment to democratic elections in Belarus, as well as for his contribution to the promotion of the freedom, justice and democracy worldwide [23]
2006 Władysław Bartoszewski Poland for his involvement in opposition activities, in particular, the "Solidarity" movement, as well as his contribution to the improvement of Polish-German relations [24]
2005 Norman Davies United Kingdom for his involvement in promoting Poland throughout his books, which are well-known and recognized worldwide [25]

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