Koreatown, Manhattan

Koreatown (Korean: 맨해튼 코리아타운), or K-Town, is an ethnic Korean enclave in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, centered on 32nd Street between Madison Avenue and the intersection with Sixth Avenue and Broadway, which is known as Greeley Square. The neighborhood in Midtown South features over 150 businesses of various types and sizes, ranging from small restaurants and beauty salons to large branches of Korean banking conglomerates. Koreatown, Manhattan has become described as the "Korean Times Square" and has emerged as the international economic outpost for the Korean chaebol.[1]

Koreatown, Manhattan
Koreatown at night (2013)
Location in New York City
Coordinates: 40.747°N 73.987°W / 40.747; -73.987
CountryUnited States
StateNew York
CityNew York City

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