Kven people

Kvens (Kven: kvääni; Finnish: kveeni; Norwegian: kvenar, kvener; Swedish: kväner; Northern Sami: kveanat) are a Balto-Finnic[2][3] ethnic minority in Norway. They are descended from Finnish peasants and fishermen who emigrated from the northern parts of Finland and Sweden to Northern Norway in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1996, Kvens were granted minority status in Norway, and in 2005 the Kven language was recognized as a minority language in Norway.

kvääni  (Kven)
kvener  (Norwegian)
kveanat  (Northern Sami)
kveeni  (Kven)
Official flag of the Kven People
Painting of Kven people by Nils Bergslien
Total population
0.2% of the Norwegian population
Regions with significant populations
 Norway (Northern Norway, particularly Finnmark, Troms, and Troms og Finnmark)
Kven (Finnish), Sami, [1] Norwegian
Lutheranism, including Laestadianism
Related ethnic groups
Finns, Sami and Tornedalians

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