Land Registry (Hong Kong)

In Hong Kong, the Land Registry is a government department under the Development Bureau responsible for the administration of land registration. It also provides facilities for search of the Land Register and related records by the public and other government departments.

Land Registry
Department overview
FormedAugust 1993 (1993-08)
Superseding agencies
  • Land Office (1844 - 1949)
  • Registrar General's Department (1949 - 1993)
Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Headquarters19/F, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway
Employees476 (Permanent)
96 (Contract)
Minister responsible
  • Doris CHEUNG Mei-chu, Land Registrar
Key document
  • Land Registration Ordinance (Cap. 128)
WebsiteOfficial website
Land Registry
Traditional Chinese土地註冊處


In April 2021, local media reported that the Land Registry potentially would have its data restricted to the public, similar to the Companies Registry.[1] In response, a spokesman for the Liber Research Community said that such changes would hinder its ability to detect misuse of land, and that public data is essential and "will reveal a lot about the activities of the property developers in snapping up the land and hording these valuable resources. Only through this channel could we know about what's actually happening there; without this information such kinds of investigation or research would be impossible."[1]


  • Registration of relevant documents under the Land Registry Ordinance
  • Offer search and registration services
  • Registration of Owners' Corporations under the Building Management Ordinance


Citizens may go to the customer service centre in Admiralty or any of the four centres in the New Territories to search and register property, as well as order photocopies of Hong Kong property documents.


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