Lapland (Sweden)

Lappland, often anglicised as Lapland (Swedish: Lappland, Northern Sami: Sápmi, Finnish: Lappi, Latin: Lapponia), is a province in northernmost Sweden. It borders Jämtland, Ångermanland, Västerbotten, Norrbotten, Norway and Finland. Nearly a quarter of Sweden's land area is in Lappland.

CountiesVästerbotten County
Norrbotten County
Jämtland County
  Total109,702 km2 (42,356 sq mi)
  Density0.83/km2 (2.2/sq mi)
  LanguageSwedish, Sami
  FlowerMountain avens
  AnimalArctic fox, Lynx, Reindeer
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
  Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
The Lapporten mountain pass
Abiskojåkka river and Torneträsk lake

Lappland originally extended eastward. However, in 1809 the Russian Empire annexed the eastern part of Sweden, and created the Grand Duchy of Finland, which in effect split Lappland into a Swedish part and a Finnish part, both of which still exist today. It primarily consists of Västerbotten County in the south and Norrbotten County in the north, forming the further inland areas of the two counties. Lapland has the coldest climates of Sweden with vast seasonal differences caused by the high latitudes and the interior location.