Later-no-harm criterion

The later-no-harm criterion is a voting system criterion formulated by Douglas Woodall. The criterion is satisfied if, in any election, a voter giving an additional ranking or positive rating to a less-preferred candidate can not cause a more-preferred candidate to lose. Voting systems that fail the later-no-harm criterion are vulnerable to the tactical voting strategies called bullet voting and burying, which can deny victory to a sincere Condorcet winner.

Voting system
Two-round systemYes
Single transferable voteYes
Instant-runoff votingYes
Contingent voteYes
Minimax CondorcetYes/No
Approval votingNo
Borda countNo
Dodgson's methodNo
Copeland's methodNo
Kemeny–Young methodNo
Ranked PairsNo
Schulze methodNo
Range votingNo
Usual judgment No