Latin Cup

The Latin Cup (French: Coupe Latine; Italian: Coppa Latina; Portuguese: Taça Latina or Copa Latina; Spanish: Copa Latina) was an international football tournament for club sides from the Southwest European nations of France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. In 1949 the football federations came together and requested FIFA to launch the competition. European clubs could not afford hefty travel costs so competition was staged at the end of every season in a single host country. The competition featured two semi-finals, a third place play-off and a final.[1]

Latin Cup
The trophy awarded to champions
Organising body FFF
Abolished1957; 64 years ago (1957)
RegionSouthwest Europe
Number of teams4
Related competitionsMitropa Cup
Balkans Cup
Last champions Real Madrid
(2nd title) (1957)
Most successful club(s) Barcelona
Real Madrid
(2 titles each)

This competition is considered a predecessor of club tournaments in Europe, such as UEFA Champions League,[2] which first edition was held in 1955.